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    For some, unlocking the iDevice to get to the home screen in order to launch applications is way too demanding. For those lazy few, iOS developer Ron Melkhior has created a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed AppSlider, which will allow you to set up to two different application shortcuts on your lock screen for easier access while on the fly. Sound familiar? – it should; we have seen countless lock screen application shortcut tweaks in the past such as LockLauncher, but this one is free.

    After installing AppSlider from Cydia and performing your respring, you are presented with a new preferences pane that has everything you need to select both of your applications that will have shortcuts added to the lock screen. The tweak comes bundled with an enable and disable switch so that you can turn off the features of the tweak on demand. After you’ve selected your two applications, simply tap on the “Apply Changes” button and the device will respring. Settings shown below:

    Taking a look at AppSlider from a first glance, we see that cosmetically the tweak looks a little awkward for iOS. The two random icons on the lock screen really don’t look like they belong there, but unlike other tweaks that attempt to make the icons appear on the lock screen, AppSlider’s icons are actually square and look correct. AppSlider will compress your slide to unlock bar and place the icons each on a separate side of the bar. Any text that was within the bar will disappear.

    Functionally, AppSlider works great. If you tap on the icons they take you straight to the applications that you selected without any problems. If you have a pass code set, AppSlider will comply with that pass code forcing you to enter the pass code before the device is unlocked and any applications are launched. AppSlider requires iOS 5 and does not yet work with the iPad. AppSlider is free in the Cydia store so give it a try; there's nothing to lose!

    Name: AppSlider
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0.0-1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Ron Melkhior
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: Ron Melkhior
    2012-03-03 10:37 PM
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    thanks. i love this app
    2012-03-12 06:36 AM