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    If you have ever wondered how much your money in the United States is worth in other countries or vice-versa, then a jailbreak widget dubbed CurrencyConverter for Notification Center by iOS developer Jonas Gessner will give you a quick and simple way to convert your numbers straight from Notification Center.

    CurrencyConverter has a compact interface that will bring up a number pad when you tap on either of the two blank boxes in the widget. Above the number pad is a bar with a few alternative buttons and they include Next (for moving to the next box), Switch (for alternating your conversion), copy, paste, clear, and done. The currency conversion is completed instantly from when you punch in the numeric amounts without the need to press any enter buttons. To change between currency types, you simply tap on one of the rectangles with the currency inside of it to pick a different one.

    Apart from the widget itself, you will find some preferences to toy around with in the Settings application. From the preferences, you can choose which currencies you want to use for conversion – by default EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, and AUD are enabled, but there is a button to add more currencies of your choice from a list of 162 different kinds of currency:

    From the CurrencyConverter preferences pane, you will also find the ability to change the increments of time that the widget will update the exchange rates (every 3 days by default). You will also find the ability to choose how many decimal places appear in the conversion, the ability to change into detail mode to add more buttons to the widget, the ability to clear the widget when Notification Center is dismissed, and finally the ability to control the speed of the widget by adjusting the dimmed background view and scrolling to reduce lagging.

    CurrencyConverter is fully compatible with IntelliScreenX and its top shelf so you can hide it when it’s not in use and only show it when you need it. It plays nicely with all other third party Notification Center widgets too. Like all Notification Center widgets, CurrencyConverter can be enabled and disabled easily by dragging it in and out of Notification Center from the Notifications preferences pane in the Settings application:

    The usefulness of the widget comes down to you needing to convert currency types. If it's not something you find yourself needing to do too often, then CurrencyConverter is not something you’re going to enjoy. If you often find the need to convert to other currencies for the sake of buying things internationally, then this widget will come to pay for itself in no time. It's compact and functions very well. CurrencyConverter has full iPad support as well as the iPhone and iPod touch and requires iOS 5 to be installed.

    Name: CurrencyConverter for Notification Center
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.0-4
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Jonas Gessner
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: Jonas Gessner
    2012-03-06 03:38 AM
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    when the dollar equals the pound and euro, i'll buy this.
    2012-06-14 04:15 PM