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    iOS 5 brought us the capability of launching the Camera application right from our lock screen – a feature that goes very nice with the high quality photographs the iPhone 4S is capable of taking very quickly. This feature has made the iPhone a very popular point-and-shoot camera device.

    Apple took many things into consideration for the lock screen camera button: speed, appearance, security, and two-step launching. While the security is a very nice feature, Apple doesn’t give you the option to secure it by choice, instead, you are forced to comply with the inconvenience of security even on your own device. iOS developer n00neimp0rtant has just released a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed FullLockCamera, which will attempt to remove all of that security to make photography from the lock screen more convenient for you.

    As illustrated by the two screenshots above, Apple will not allow you to see the whole camera roll from your lock screen – all you will see are the photos and videos you take while the application is open from the lock screen, but nothing taken before then. The action button, which permits you share the photos and the play slideshow button are also absent from the interface after launching the Camera application from the lock screen. N00neimp0rtant’s FullLockCamera application will make it so when you launch the camera from the lock screen via the iOS 5 button, all of the Camera application’s features will be available to you.

    Taking the tweak for a spin, it works; everything the Cydia description says it will do is certainly doable. Unfortunately, there is extremely noticeable lag when opening the Camera application from the lock screen after installing this tweak. It seems to actually unlock the iDevice and then launch the Camera application instead of simply opening the Camera application the way Apple has implemented it. The lag is so perceptible that we have been able to take a screenshot of the lag while it happens:

    If you want all of these extra features made available to you from the lock screen camera button and don’t mind a few seconds of lag before opening your Camera application, then check out FullLockCamera. I have personally been able to unlock the iDevice and launch the Camera application from my dock faster than waiting for the lag to subside – a major downfall for the tweak’s motives. It’s free and there's nothing to lose from giving it a test run.

    Name: FullLockCamera
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.0.1
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: n00neimp0rtant
    Editor's Rating: / 2.5/5

    Sources: n00neimp0rtant
    2012-03-07 12:35 AM
  2. hadzo's Avatar
    I kind of like how it is stock since you can clearly see what pic/vids you just took.
    2012-03-07 01:33 AM
  3. zrevai's Avatar
    Snappy for iOS 5 gives you full cam access even at lock screen using a custom Activator action. I have mine set to double tap status bar for cam and hold status bar for vid, works perfect in any app with a status bar. Not free but totally worth the $$ it's exactly like the default cam app with convenience of lock screen button (only any custom action and no double tap home button and then click cam button)

    Plus full access to all normal cam functions everywhere!!!
    2012-03-07 11:16 AM
  4. Je5's Avatar
    This takes away from the essence of being secure I don't want someone who takes a pic going through all of my pics if it is locked thats the purpose of LOCKED, right!?
    2012-03-07 06:35 PM