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    There are a handful of tweaks in Cydia allowing you to query Siri about your battery percentage, however chances are you have the battery percentage on your status bar already, so it’s not too helpful. In an attempt to make Siri more useful when conveying battery information, BatteryLevelAE by iOS developer Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad was born. It is an AssistantExtensions add-on, and therefore installing it will require the installation of AssistantExtensions as a dependency.

    BatteryLevelAE is an incredibly well rounded tweak that is capable of conveying battery information under numerous circumstances. This includes how much time you have left while listening to Music, how much time you have left while talking on the phone, and much more. The many different kinds of queries you can make BatteryLevelAE answer can be displayed for you by saying, “battery help menu” after you’ve installed the Siri add-on:

    In case the image doesn't load for you, the things BatteryLevelAE can express are:
    • How much standby time do I have?
    • How much talk time do I have?
    • How much audio time do I have?
    • How much video time do I have?
    • How much internet time do I have?
    • How much battery life do I have?

    BatteryLevelAE uses Apple’s realistic stats and compares them to your current conditions to get the most accurate reading possible. This kind of information is much more useful than watching a battery percentage indicator drain in front of your eyes and installing this add-on will be less home screen-cluttering than installing an application from the App Store to monitor your battery time.

    Bilal plans to add features in the future so you can activate power profiles via Siri. This means you will be able to have presets, such as turning unnecessary bells and whistles on the device off to save battery when not using them, and enabling them again when you’re ready to use them and you’re ready to use your battery again.

    Using the add-on feels natural and the image used for the battery matches Apple’s design. Because the functionality is so greatly integrated with Apple’s battery monitoring system, the estimates for time are nearly dead accurate. The battery percentage will always be accurate because it reads from the same place the status bar battery indicator does. Anyone using an iDevice that needs to more closely monitor their battery usage should have this add-on (assuming they have Siri functionality, of course).

    Name: BatteryLevelAE
    Price: $1
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 5, Siri/Spire, AssistantExtensions
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Sources: Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad
    2012-03-19 02:39 AM
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    I would use all of these lovely tweaks if AssistantExtensions didn't keep sticking adverts into my Siri feed. i don't jailbreak to get advertised at, I jailbreak to have my phone the way I want. And cos of that, I won't be buying this either which is a shame as this and Lingual are some really useful tweaks. If AE stops advertising at me, then I'll happily go back.
    2012-03-19 03:47 AM
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    2012-03-19 06:03 AM
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    of of course they see the typos......
    "I own this block now!"-unknown Buuf gangster
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