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    Jailbreak developers have been innovating new ways to make using our Music application easier – making it more convenient to play and pause music on demand, change between songs, and other useful music features. They range from Activator Actions to lock screen gestures, and now home screen buttons, made possible with a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed PodControl by iOS developer Florent.

    The idea for home screen buttons that control the Music application isn’t necessarily new, as iOS developer Pathkiller29 invented a tweak called SpringPod that essentially does the same thing and more, although it would set you back 99˘. PodControl has less features than SpringPod, however it doesn’t cost anything for the person wanting to download it.

    The tweak includes a play and pause button as well as two other buttons, one each for going to the previous or next song. The buttons are rounded and look pretty strange trying to blend in with iOS’s rounded square icons. Getting used to their shape may take some time, however they all function properly when using them. They won’t work with other music applications like Spotify, Pandora, or Grooveshark – just the stock Music application Apple loads into all of their iOS devices.

    There are no options to configure for PodControl after installing it; you are ready to start using it as soon as you install it. I encountered a bug after installing it where the play function would not work until I first pressed play in the Music application and then used the PodControl buttons to control the music, however after that kick-start, the buttons appear to work independently now. The tweak is free, so give it a shot.

    Name: PodControl
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.9.1-1
    Requirements: iOS 4 or newer
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Florent
    Editor's Rating:  3/5

    Sources: Cydia
    2012-04-01 09:01 PM
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    Not as easy on the eyes...but I think I'll give this a shot

    secret moderator... Please hit that THANKS button over there if I helped you in any single way
    2012-04-01 09:04 PM
  3. scroogelives's Avatar
    Nice on the iPad and save opening the music app or multitask bar!!
    2012-04-01 10:22 PM
  4. Raybeast's Avatar
    Modmyi already made a review on a tweak identical to this called like springboard controls or something
    2012-04-02 02:03 AM
  5. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    Modmyi already made a review on a tweak identical to this called like springboard controls or something
    That's what the whole second paragraph was about, no?
    2012-04-02 02:10 AM
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    I prefer to tap the home button twice either on lock screen or home screen and use the standard ones ... But nice tweak. There's a few of these as well ... Good review Anthony
    2012-04-02 02:25 AM