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    got my confirmation today that my iPhone is eligible to be unlocked. as soon as i got home, i opened iTunes, removed my AT&T sim card and inserted a T-mobile sim card on my iPhone 4 and connected it to iTunes.... without doing the back-up and restore, now my iPhone is unlocked.
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    2012-04-24 05:23 AM
  2. Chew on This's Avatar
    i was told after im ineligible after waiting since 4/9
    2012-04-24 06:33 AM
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    For anyone that was told they were "ineligible", here's some proof that the squeaky wheel gets the grease (so to speak):

    I had bought my iP4 off of eBay shortly before the AT&T announcement. Naturally, when I heard about it I was ecstatic as my phone is on the 04.12.01 baseband and had read endless webpages stating there was no current unlock at the time and that there still was no "definite" timeline for completion. In any case, I called on the first day to do an unlock request like most, and was told the standard answer (email within 48-72 hours). Got my email 72ish hours later stating I was "ineligible" due to "security issues" related to this phone and that I should contact the seller of the phone so they can resolve the issue with AT&T.

    I was not phased by this as I continued (in the most polite way, mind you) to pester them via phone and email. I had several factors on my side, including 1. proof that the seller would not contact me back regarding his phone via email; 2. proof that I purchased the phone off of eBay, and 3. proof that I am active duty Military. I also made note with AT&T that it was not my fault that the previous owner of this phone was a dead-beat and could not pay his bills on-time. This pestering continued up until about the time the SAM exploit came out, at which point I opted to go for since I was not seeing the positive results I had hoped for.

    However, just yesterday, I received my email stating that I was eligible for the unlock with all the normal instructions. I went ahead and deactivated with SAM, plugged in my phone, and received the "Congratulations" screen. It may have lasted just 3 seconds, but I felt I had won an epic battle of sorts...

    So, to conclude, if anyone else was told they were "ineligible", do not be afraid to question why and do everything in your power to "politely" pester AT&T about your possible unlock. You may get lucky after all.
    2012-04-27 02:42 PM
  4. Chew on This's Avatar
    tried to pester them, but they told me that im still ineligible. Reasoning was explained over the phone: The person may have not fulfilled a two year contract.

    But the guy that sold me the iphone added me on fb, and told me that he paid termination fee's and all existing balances on the account. He ported his att phone # to verizon, ugh I'm gonna call ATT again tomorrow.
    2012-05-02 07:37 AM
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    just recently unlocked my iphone 4!

    I'm tryin to achieve the near impossible by unlocking my iphone 4s that is still in contract with AT&T. I was told by 3 specialist that the IMEI associated with the 4s is eligible for unlock and they even sent me the unlock instructions.

    I dont even know how thats possible since I thought an iphone cannot be currently on a contract to be unlocked.

    I tried restoring and as I suspected, sim card incompatible error in itunes. I'm suppose to receive a call back from an unlock specialist about this issue, and I'm pretty SURE he's gonna tell me my 4s is still in contract and cant be unlocked..

    *SIGH*............so close!
    2012-05-28 02:23 PM
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    AT&T won't unlock my replacement 3GS that I got from Apple Store, they said that my IMEI is ineligible???
    2012-06-12 07:19 AM
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