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    Graphic courtesy of Fiksu

    Apple’s 25 billionth app download contest may have had an adverse inflationary effect on app downloads according to a recent study.

    Fiksu, maker of a mobile marketing platform for apps, analyzed more than 21 billion app launches, in-app purchases, and registrations of the top 200 free iPhone apps during March. Fiksu found that daily downloads of slipped by nearly two million ins March to 4.45 million compared to 6.35 million the month before. It is worth noting that Fiksu’s numbers do not include iPad-only apps, but do include universal apps.

    Apple’s App Store recently the 25 billion download milestone in near the end of January this year
    and celebrated by giving away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the lucky 25 billionth downloader. The ending of the contest coincides with the near 30% drop in app downloads.

    However, Fiksu believes the slide was predictable based on a typical surge in app downloads that occurs after the introduction of a new iPhone model. Fiksu claims March signaled a return to download normalcy after the October launch infatuation period. App downloads were at similar levels of 4.06 million in August, and dipped to 3.8 million during september as consumers anticipated the iPhone 4S release.

    Also, Fiksu claims the dip could in part be in response to policy changes in the app store that discourage app marketers from engaging in robotic install methods. Fiksu also found that the cost of converting organic users into loyal users dropped to $1.30. Loyal users are defined as people who open an app three times or more.

    Source: Fiksu [via CNET]
    2012-04-28 12:06 AM