1. teej1410's Avatar
    Up for what? It was something they considered and rejected years ago.
    I'm up for the physical keyboard on the iPhone. I'm not saying that it needs one but I already made about 5 mistakes making this comment and the modmyi app isn't helpimg seeing as I'm kinda of typing blind.
    2012-04-29 02:49 AM
  2. confucious's Avatar
    Like I said, they rejected it years ago.

    If you need a physical keyboard maybe you should buy a Blackberry? It's not going to happen on an iPhone so I wouldn't hold your breath...
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    2012-04-29 01:04 PM
  3. Amraam's Avatar
    Of course they considered it-- it would be irresponsible not to investigate the current trend to see if it was a route worth taking. After this "consideration," they decided against it. I don't see why this would be surprising to anyone.
    PMSL, I came here to write pretty much that.

    Agreed, pretty pointless article. Of course they considered it. They didn't just go "let's make an apple phone, no wait, an "iPhone", yes that's what we'll call it, and it MUST have touchscreen, or the world will end..."
    2012-04-29 03:46 PM
  4. Co1d Night's Avatar
    I know I would like a slide out keyboard don't lie apple touch screen is good and all but I can't type fast without making 100 mistakes and apple not knowing the simplest autocorrect and also Apple it's rare that I start off a text saying to stop correcting my yo lol
    Go back to physical QWERTYs then. If you actually use the iPhone long enough, it'll edit the dictionary and add your "yo".
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    2012-05-02 05:14 PM
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