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    Siri has always been a mystery; no one can ever understand her sense of humor and when she isnít working correctly, no one knows the reasoning for that either. Today, thanks to a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SiriStatus by iOS developer rvirajm, we can see what Siri is doing at every moment we are using her. As illustrated by the screenshots above, a banner will appear at the top of the Siri interface telling us exactly what she is doing.

    The banner displays four main messages: 1. Idle, for when Siri is doing nothing; 2. Listening, for when Siri is waiting for you to say something; 3. Thinking, for when data is being transferred to Appleís servers; 4. Processing, for when the data is used at Appleís servers and sent back to you. Apart from the main messages, there could also be an instance where Siri is having a little trouble. If Siri cannot connect with Apple's servers or understand what you meant, you may get a 'Failed' indicator on the banner. It will follow with a 'Try Again' button so you can redo the query as shown in the screenshots below:

    SiriStatus can easily be enabled and disabled on demand via the switch in the preferences pane located in the Settings application:

    The tweak functions exactly as advertised and from our testing; the banners are very accurate with what Siri is doing. While most of what the banner says is merely common sense for many jailbreakers, the reassurance is sometimes nice for people who arenít too familiar with Siri. In terms of appearance, the banners do not look like they belong there and they disturbingly cover up a line of the conversation you are having with Siri.

    If all you want to do is use Siri for your occasional question and you donít really care what is going on in the background, then you probably donít want to install SiriStatus. This tweak is aimed more towards people who aren't too Siri-savvy and are interested in learning how Siri works in the background and how she accepts and uses information to relay more information. The tweak is free, so if you want to give it a try, you can find it in the ModMyi repository.

    Name: SiriStatus
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 5, Siri capability
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: rvirajm
    Editor's Rating:  2/5

    Sources: rvirajm
    2012-04-29 11:17 PM
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    Not really sure why I'd need this one. Seems a bit pointless. I do however give credit to the developer for the work put in, I could never program such a thing.
    "Time circuits on...flux capacitor...(gulp)...fluxing"
    Please read again I only give one warning - thanks!
    2012-04-30 04:46 AM
  3. rvirajm's Avatar
    if you swipe the Siri Status Bar from Right to left you'll see a command text box!
    2012-04-30 08:54 AM
  4. *T*'s Avatar
    if you swipe the Siri Status Bar from Right to left you'll see a command text box!
    This should automatically up the rating by 2
    2012-05-01 02:22 AM
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    A little more work and I think this could be better. I was thinking there would be more status Asia the server was down or something about transferring the information and if it fails or something of that nature.

    Your mom has "spirit" but I used my "pwnage tool" on her all night long and "ultrasn0wed" all over her. haha
    2012-05-01 06:02 AM