1. swifty7's Avatar
    you have to turn it on in Settings > notifications

    oh yeah!!! I forgot that.....thanks!!!!
    2012-05-16 10:00 PM
  2. trebory6's Avatar
    That really freaked me out for a second. That ssid is very similar to what mine is. lol
    That freaked you out?! That IS my SSID to the very letter. And then that also happens to be my laptop's local IP address. I literally fired up TOR to see if there was some weird script that detected my wireless info. I've spent a good 30 minutes looking at this page's source for some kind of script, and have sent this page to 3 of my friends, as I'm freaking out that somehow my Wifi info is posted on the internet.

    [Review] SimpleWiFi for Notification Center - Wi-Fi Information At Your Fingertips-zygqouv.png
    2013-02-21 05:11 AM
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