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    According to Nielsen’s latest poll, people not only have more apps on their iPhone but they also spend more time in these apps than they did before. The latest report from the organization shows that the number of apps on the average smartphone increased from 32 to 41 – a 28% jump – over the past year.

    The Nielsen infographic shows that the percentage of time spent by smartphone owners in apps rather than on the web has also climbed. The average smartphone user spends roughly 19% of his or her time on the web and the rest of the time, they use native apps. This seems to make sense as apps are usually optimized for the device whereas webpages are not always technically as optimized or as fluid as apps may be on the device.

    Another interesting piece of information the chart tells us is that the number of smartphone owners in the U.S. has climbed from 38 million in 201 to 84 million in 2012, a whopping 121% in just one calendar year. This isn’t much of a surprise and I myself have noticed more and more people around me getting and using smartphones instead of old-fashioned cellphones. This trend is likely to continue going forward as smartphones tend to offer more convenience, features, and lasting value.

    Source: Nielsen

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    2012-05-17 10:37 PM