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  1. petrusk's Avatar
    Wow bastards.. It maybe time to retire my unlimited plan once the new phoney comes out :0
    2012-05-19 03:27 PM
  2. dykzeulb's Avatar
    When is the date this is supposed to happen?
    2012-05-20 03:29 AM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    Let's see...I pay $30 a month for unlimited data. So a two year plan that's $720 plus $650 for the new iPhone. Plus tax on the phone...So I am looking at about around $1400 to spend total in two years (not counting voice since that's not affected here).

    Alternatively, if I opt to use my discounted pricing, the phone is $200. I have to lose my unlimited data, I use about 5GB a month so that's $50. $50 for two years is $1200. Add that to the phone plus tax is over $1400.

    So it's actually slightly (oh so very slightly) cheaper for me to keep my unlimited data and buy the iPhone at full retail price. It'll be much cheaper if I chose to use my discounted pricing and not use 5GB a month. I calculated that total if I used 2GB a month to be just under $1000 in two years vs $1400. To save $400 and give up 3GB a month of data...well if I would care to express how I feel about Verizon right now...

    I hope T-Mobile comes up with something nice for me...I'd hate to sacrifice the iPhone to move to T-Mobile. With prices nowadays though, I might just have to.
    2012-05-20 06:35 AM
  4. petrusk's Avatar
    When is the date this is supposed to happen?
    Probably right before 'the new iPhone' (lol). I mad !!
    2012-05-21 03:53 PM
  5. reopeadres's Avatar
    The overloading of existing infrastructure is getting old. Yea yea yea i thought LTE networks were going to fix this problem, and if a company is using a 20 mhz band it doubles the available bandwidth of there network. Seems to me this is a money grab from companies to pull that extra revenue in.
    2012-05-22 02:59 AM
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