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    In understand the backbone of journalism is objectivity, but the nature of blogs, and the aggregate news cycle is incredibly removed from the nature of true journalism.
    I'm sorry but this is a blatant cop out. So you're saying because a site falls into the "blogs, and the aggregate" category that it's suddenly ok to ignore all the basic rules of good journalism and throw all the opinion you want into an article? BS. I don't care what the source of the news is, but if this is supposed to be a news site in any sense, then there is no excuse. Is it THAT hard to report what occurred without pushing your own person views along with it in some way?

    This article in particular isn't intended to sway the reader on way or another, more than it is intended to show how utterly ridiculous this patent war has gotten. So ridiculous in fact an ITC judge deems it unworthy anything better than a Cheech and Chong reference.
    I have no beef with reports that illustrate how ridiculous this (and other) patent wars have become, I doubt very many people would disagree on that part. What I do have a problem with is your injecting of your feeling towards a specific entity (Samsung in this case) which has no place in a news article. Just please kindly stop making excuses for poor reporting practices (which is not to say your articles aren't informative, they do tend to be, just keep your personal view out.)
    2012-06-04 06:00 PM
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