1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
    Have any of you guys used WP7?

    After 4 years of iPhones I ditched mine 2 months ago for a Lumia 800. iOS is looking so old and tired with its dull grey and blue navigation bars. WP7 is a very sexy and modern OS.

    WP7 has the polish of iOS, without the hardware limitations. It has almost the freedom of Android, without the chaos.

    I see WP7 taking off big time once people actually realise it exists (Has anyone ever seen an ad for WP7? PICK UP YOUR GAME MICROSOFT).

    I agree with the after 4 years of iPhones comment. I might make a change. I have had an iPhone since the beginning. Although I like Apple products and have plenty in the house including 2 mac computers, 3 or 4 different iPods and two iPhone 4s. I think it might be time for a change. I will wait till the next iPhone comes out to see if the screen is bigger. I have a feeling IOS 6 will just add some new features. I'm ready for a new operating system all together. Nothing wrong with apple. Just my inner geek being bored.
    2012-06-07 01:42 AM
  2. unison999's Avatar
    Hmm....I would like to know exactly what they base that prediction on. I think Apple has something that other providers don't and that is a lot of customers that have already had an iPhone and have bought software on it. Most consumers will not want to buy their software all over again on another platform.

    Now, if they figure out a way that a customer can prove they purchased a certain title on the iPhone, then provide for free on another platform, it would make this a moot point.

    I can not tell you the software I bought before when I had previous gen iPhones, nor would I care to reinstall them since I do not even recall what they are. 90% of the apps on my iPhones are free, I would imagine they would be free on Window's OS as well. If there is something important enough that I need on the phone, if it is useful I would not mind purchasing it again. Since I would sell my iPhone I would sell my iTunes account with it (removing all private and personal info) because I have no use for it, then it is just a matter of repurchasing on the new platform.
    2012-06-07 02:49 AM
  3. desepticon's Avatar
    Just like the Zune killed the iPod......oh wait.
    2012-06-07 02:50 AM
  4. *T*'s Avatar
    WP7 is interesting, in that it is not interesting yet continues to attract users. It's beige squares and dull opaque backgrounds somehow lure us into them. I think that the people heading to WP7 are a niche market. iOS and Android are so much more powerful and advance than WP7, it's almost pointless to compared them. I predict that Apple will lose growth in iPhones by 2014. The only reason growth is going on now is because of market/carrier expansion. WP7 will continue to grow, but won't make it past 10% market share by 2016.
    2012-06-07 02:53 AM
  5. MaStA819's Avatar
    Oh the fanboys...lol.

    I'm done with Apple after this contract is up on my iPhone 4. I'm sick of having to deal with Apple overriding my ability to do what I want with my phone after every patch and then having to wait for a new jailbreak to come out, etc. Just another way Apple tries controlling everything in the world. You do it their way or go elsewhere is the drift I get from them. I'm not a mac fan, but I've enjoyed the iPhone for several years, but I'm done as well. I'm not stating this as a sob story and I know some fanboy will just say see ya later, but whatever.

    I've heard great things about windows phone and to be honest I like Android on my HP Touchpad as an OS better than iOS anyhow. So either way windows phone or android will be next in line for me.
    2012-06-07 04:09 AM
  6. domenicp's Avatar
    The title doesn't match the article. Article says that WP7 will be the number 2 OS, and nothing about surpassing iOS. Granted, if iOS falls to the number 3 spot, then yes the title would be correct. But that is not what the article is saying. Please fix misleading title.
    2012-06-07 06:55 AM
  7. subywrex's Avatar
    How has no one mentioned Smart Glass?? This technology is AWESOME! If Microsoft has plans to overtake/dominate the phone market....it sure seems to me that they would NEVER release this tech for iPhone, Droid, etc. They would be using it as a unique feature to get users to switch to a Windows phone...But they are not. Perhaps down the road, once everyone can't live without Smart Glass, they will make it Windows Phone specific, but I just don't see that happening. It really looks like Microsoft is looking to dominate the living room, based off of their e3 conference, not the OS market....And currently, they have a HUGE lead over Apple TV/Apple HDTV, in this department.

    First time Ive seen the concept of smart glass was air playing a car game off my iPad to my apple tv. Only difference is apple doesn't make a set top gaming consol
    2012-06-07 08:02 AM
  8. discostar's Avatar
    Microsoft keeps pushing this bogus story. As long as there are the same Windows headaches on the phones as they have on the desktop- IT'S NOT HAPPENING.

    Developers are not embrassing Windows mobile OS. All the suckers who get tricked into buying one will join the Android users begging developers to release their content in the Android store because it's mostly knock offs and shovelware.
    2012-06-07 11:25 AM
  9. Rasta4Jah420's Avatar
    *Yawn* It's Microsoft, they'll screw up huge sometime before 2016 and it'll be near 0% market share. They're the company that can screw up anything.
    Are you retarded? Microsoft has SO many more machines out there than Apple...the business world is built off of Microsoft. I love my iPhone, but Apple is not Enterprise-Ready. CIO's may be tinkering with iPads, but ONLY because you can use Citrix Reciever and Connect to a WINDOWS desktop.
    2012-06-07 05:58 PM
  10. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
    A windows phone would be my 2nd choice if I absolutely had to ditch Apple. I actually don't hate the one's I've seen.
    2012-06-11 02:54 AM
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