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    When I first bought my iPad (the original), I thought - here is the perfect device to manage my business while mobile. No more need for lugging a (beautiful) laptop around on quick 1-3 day trips. It took a few years for the apps to catch up, but with the release of Panic's Diet Coda I finally feel like I have everything on my iPad I need to manage a web design company while mobile.

    Here's the list, in order of how often I open them:

    1. Diet Coda - $19.99. The app I've been wanting for years. Great FTP/SFTP client. Beautiful syntax highlighting. Contextual keyboard. Clips. Find and replace. Terminal. This app is nearly perfect - they've enabled iCloud syncing of sites between OS X devices, but not yet to the iPad app. Panic tells me it's coming soon - they're just waiting for iCloud to be a little more stable.

    2. Tweetbot - $2.99. My favorite Twitter client. I almost didn't include this, but I use it so often to communicate with other folks in the web dev and iOS scenes, it makes the cut. Technically, I open it far more than Diet Coda, but since it's not really for web dev I put it at number 2.

    3. Jump Desktop - $14.99. Remote desktop done right. I've tried a half dozen solutions for remote desktop, and Jump is my favorite. Try as I might to be fully mobile while away, there's always random things I need on my home desktop. This is the best solution I've found for managing my home computer from my iPad.

    4. Dropbox - free. Access to all those files I need wherever I am. Many of my current projects' files go in Dropbox folders while I'm working on them, and to my home computer when they're finished. This allows me easy access to all my current files no matter which device I'm on.

    5. 1Password - $9.99. So. Many. Passwords. When you're working on a million different websites, with panels in various places, FTP accounts in various places, WordPress logins all over the place... it's extremely easy to forget the password to that one random site a client needs you to edit while on the go. 1Password integrates with your browser of choice as well as having an app for the iPad and iPhone. No matter which device I'm on, I have all my passwords securely stored. In my browser at home, this is a life-saver. On the go, it has saved me quite often as well.

    6. WordPress - free. I manage a few of my own WordPress installs, as well as work on them with many clients. I use WordPress as my CMS of choice for most basic client jobs - it's so versatile and has a great community behind it. Plus, I can get an XHTML site to a WordPress install in a couple hours by now. Rather than remember all those logins and URLs to the various sites, this iPad app makes it easy to have a list of them all and edit basic things like Pages, Posts, etc.

    7. Analytics HD - $6.99. Google Analytics is the de facto standard for website stats. It's on pretty much every project I'm involved with. Analytics HD gives you a nice native way to view stats on the various sites you manage.

    8. Prompt - $7.99. Although somewhat negated by Diet Coda now, Prompt is Panic's SSH client. It takes Panic's awesome design talen and applies it to an SSH client, coming out exactly as you'd hope. Plenty of features are packed in Prompt, as well as a basic list of saved sites.

    9. Cloud2go - $2.99. Well - this isn't quite an iPad app (hasn't been updated in over a year, but still works on the iPad, just in iPhone resolution), but it's still my favorite way to upload screenshots for folks. Now many times I can simply use the Twitter, email, or Facebook client I'm using, but I still use this app (in conjunction with my CloudApp account) for uploading images I need to share with folks, or accessing the ones I have taken on my other computers.

    10. Smultron - $1.99. I don't use this gem of a text editor often, but it makes the list. I use this for all my text editing on my OS X systems, and iCloud support means all my files are now on my iPhone/iPad as well. Smultron is a great, slim, no-nonsense text editor.

    That's it! My favorite 10 apps for web development on the iPad. Anything you use that I don't, or missed?

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    2012-06-29 04:19 PM
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    Gotta love Diet Coda, I really can't wait for the iCloud sync to be implemented between this and the desktop app.
    2012-06-29 04:46 PM
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    Right? It's driving me crazy, ha. I was excited in Coda 2 when they finally enabled syncing between OS X devices - now my laptop and desktop have the same sites in there. If only my iPad could join in... I chatted with the Panic guys, they said they're just waiting for iCloud to be a little more stable and they'll "turn it on" - so I guess it's already done, just not enabled.
    2012-06-29 05:01 PM
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    good article. Kyle you should give some tips to the other writers no offense but they dont show as much voice like you do when you write.
    2012-06-29 06:57 PM
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    Good stuff right there!
    2012-06-29 07:29 PM
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    Thanks Mrteacup! I'll chat with them, ha.

    re: secret bad piracy app, DELETE.
    2012-06-29 08:41 PM
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    Anyone think Jump is better than splash top? I've got so much invested in splash top that it would be a shame to switch. Oh! And front row for Lion is great to have in the dock if you use a remote desktop for iPhone!
    2012-06-30 02:13 AM
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    There is an App Called iDebug, i think it is a great app for web developers. it can use firebug in iPad with this app
    2012-06-30 09:03 AM
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    I like this list really helpful thanks
    2012-07-03 04:39 AM