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  1. Simon's Avatar
    Thank you for your response, however, where on the site ?
    2012-07-16 05:21 PM
  2. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    These themes are making my eyeballs leak from their sockets. Most new themes i see make me want to rip out my brain and eat it. They all look AWFUL. They ARE AWFUL. The fact people can charge for such rubbish. IS. AWFUL. I am going to list about 3 themes in no particular order, which are better than all of these awful abominations.
    Black UPS darkness - mostly just icons. Still better
    1 -
    2 -
    3 - Azure
    Azure: Great Winterboard Theme for iPhone
    But, in all honesty, you do realize that this post is made to shed light on a couple of themes released during the week listed in the title? Those themes you mentioned were not released in the week duration that the article was made for.
    2012-07-16 06:33 PM
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