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    According to the first edition of Opera’s State of Mobile Advertising report, Apple’s iOS platform average the highest effect cost per mille (eCPM) of $2.85. Second in place was the Android platform with an eCPM of $2.10, with others trailing by below half the eCPM.

    For those of you who didn’t know, marketing reports usually use the eCPM standard to measure the effectiveness of an ad or campaign by calculating ad impressions against click-throughs. This report takes a look at ad monetization from multiple perspectives within what the company classifies as the “ad delivery value chain” including devices, publishers, ad networks and advertisers.

    As both the Android and the iOS platform dominate the market, other platforms such as RIM’s BlackBerry and Nokia’s Symbian OS are left far behind with $0.64 eCPM and $0.59 eCPM, respectively. The Windows Phone platform came in surprisingly last with an eCPM of $0.20. The results overall aren’t much of a surprise though given the amount of market share owned by the two top mobile platforms, which equated to a combined 83% of the sector in the previous quarter.

    Devices with larger screens and touch capabilities unsurprisingly performed better in the study while interactive ads saw more click-throughs than their static banner-type counterparts. Apple’s iPhone ended up garnering the highest amount of revenue for the quarter with 43.54% share and also saw the most traffic with 29.88%. Following the Apple’s iPhone were Android devices which together accounted for 26.56% of revenue and 24.43% of traffic.

    It should be noted that the iPad was the most profitable device, achieving the highest eCPM on Opera’s network, averaging $3.96 which accounted for 14.26% of revenue and 6.86% of traffic. As far as countries went, the United States with Canada ended up aking a market-dominating 73% of all ad impressions. The United States average eCPM came out to $1.98, slightly higher than the global average of $1.90. Interestingly, the Business and Finance category of ads bring in the most revenue per impression and more than double profits from the runner-up News and information category.

    Source: Opera

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    2012-07-21 06:30 AM
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    Which is why AdBlocker exists
    2012-07-21 07:37 AM
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    Which is why AdBlocker exists
    +1 -1
    2012-07-21 09:50 PM
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    Yeah AdBlocker 😄😄😃
    2012-07-21 11:23 PM
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    correct me if I'm wrong, but ad blocker just prevents you from seeing the ad, but the ad still loads right?
    2012-07-22 05:25 PM
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    correct me if I'm wrong, but ad blocker just prevents you from seeing the ad, but the ad still loads right?
    Not true, it stops ad related URLs from even loading. It's touted as a "Data saving tool" for those with capped cell data plans.
    2012-07-23 07:56 AM