1. Phillip Swanson's Avatar

    Apple’s continuing their Siri celebrity commercial onslaught with a certain oscar-winning director and his infamous eyebrows.

    Martin Scorsese is the latest A-list celebrity to endorse Apple’s personal assistant. The dialogue is simple, a stark difference from early Siri commercials that seemed to emulate real conversation a bit more. It appears Apple is trying to temper the lofty expectations the company’s early marketing blitz instilled in customers with the less “impressive” ads.

    Siri definitely isn’t the world-beating, life-changing personal assistant Apple billed when the iPhone 4S debuted. None of the voice recognition programs work as intuitively as Google, Apple, or anyone else would like consumers to believe they do. But, they continue to improve and by no means are “unusable.” Hopefully iOS 6, Ice Cream Sandwich, and future OS releases eventually lead to the virtual digital assistant we all want (SkyNet).

    Source: TechCrunch
    2012-07-24 08:20 PM
  2. mustard05's Avatar
    Nice!!!!!!! Skynet.
    2012-07-24 09:55 PM
  3. sziklassy's Avatar
    Another ad showing Siri as being much more useful than it actually is. I miss the old iPhone commercials. You know, the ones that actual focused on various features of the iPhone? Now all we get are Siri commercials. Apparently Siri is the only feature worth showcasing anymore?
    2012-07-24 11:26 PM
  4. firestarter9999's Avatar
    Haha Skynet!!!! That was just great.
    2012-07-25 06:13 AM