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    The patent war between Apple and Samsung has had some unintended consequences for Apple, including recently released court documents disclosing pictures of dozens of Apple prototypes.

    The litany of pictures is literally a glimpse inside the fire-walled mind of Apple. Earlier filings revealed Sony-inspired designs, but this extensive treasure trove includes early iPad and iPhone CAD drawings, as well as pictures of physical prototypes.

    All of the familiar designs are there including early renditions of the original iPhone, 3GS, and iPhone 4, but other more experimental versions featuring all aluminum bodies and polygon-like beveled edges are included. The number of prototypes is staggering, and the number of renders/physical copies is just as amazing. Some of the designs look like they’d be better suited for a Blade Runner sequel.

    I’ve attached a number of the designs below, head over to All Things D for the entire gallery.

    Source: All Things D
    2012-07-31 01:53 AM
  2. Jarolin Vargas's Avatar
    damn. we were lucky. because all these phones are ugly
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    2012-07-31 02:00 AM
  3. ColeTrex's Avatar
    I like about 2 of them, but that's about it.
    2012-07-31 02:23 AM
  4. micro_master's Avatar
    One prototype looks strikingly similar to the Nokia N8. Overall, most of them don't look unique and a few look like current market Chinese phones.
    2012-07-31 03:00 AM
  5. plcrules's Avatar
    i think the 1st 2nd and 4th all look better then the first gen iPhone
    2012-07-31 05:04 AM
  6. javiert30's Avatar
    Love the octagon style.
    2012-07-31 03:19 PM