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    Amazon recently launched a new enhanced version of its Cloud Player service with new scan and match technology. The service as a whole is a director competitor for Apple’s iTunes Match service and the update isn’t one that Apple will take too well. Amazon is currently promising that its Cloud Player now offers faster music import using scan and match technology with matched files being upgraded to 256-Kbps-quality audio. Future MP3 purchases from Amazon are automatically delivered to the user’s Cloud Player and previous MP3 purchases are also delivered without having to import them. Amazon’s Cloud Player also offers users the ability to edit song and album information, including tracks and title numbers with the ability to import information for matched files directly from Amazon’s catalog.

    Users are allowed to import up to 250 songs for free in Cloud Player or subscribe to the Cloud Player Premium for $24.99 per year and import up to 250,000 songs. From a price stand point, Amazon’s Cloud Player service seems a bit more attractive to the die-hard music lover as it offers considerably more songs than the 25,000 cap on matched songs through iTunes Match for the same price.

    As far as Amazon’s cloud-based music service goes, it was launched for the Web and for Android devices last March long before Apple publicly unveiled iTunes Match. Previously, users had to upload their songs manually to use the service, while Apple’s iTunes Match introduced the ability to match locally stored songs with copies available for sale on iTunes. In addition to adding the new matching feature, Amazon also released a Cloud Player application for the iOS platform that launched in the App Store just last month. The “Amazon Cloud Player” app is a free download for the iPhone.

    Source: PCMag

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    2012-08-01 04:46 AM