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    For those of you that want more control over the location, size, and content of your Notification Center and iOS 5 notification banners, an upcoming jailbreak tweak is just what you’ve been looking for. It comes packed with a ton of settings for changing the way they look when you get notifications. The tweak will be called Bulletin Pro by iOS developer Smartviper E75 and it will be live on the BigBoss repository soon for 99.

    You can use the tweak to make your iPhone or iPod touch feel more like an iPad, by compressing the size of your notification banners and Notification Center, or you can use the tweak to reposition them anywhere on the screen you’d like. First we will be taking a look at the preferences pane of the tweak, so we can highlight each section one-by-one:

    As illustrated above, the preferences pane is separated into two sections – Notification Center and Banners. As made obvious, the Notification Center section will be changing the appearance of Notification Center and the Banners section will be changing the appearance of your iOS 5 notification banners.

    Notification Center

    From the Notification Center section of the preferences pane, you can choose where on the screen you want the Notification Center to actually appear. Above are the best-looking examples out of the bunch, however you will have all of the following placement options for Notification Center with Bulletin Pro; bullets highlighted in ModMyi-Blue are the ones used in the picture example:
    • Default
    • Mini
    • Thin
    • Thinner
    • Thinnest
    • Short
    • Shorter
    • Shortest
    • Small
    • Smaller
    • Smallest
    • Left
    • Left-thin
    • Left-thinner
    • Left-thinnest
    • Left-short
    • Left-shorter
    • Left-shortest
    • Left-small
    • Left-smaller
    • Left-smallest
    • Right
    • Right-thin
    • Right-thinner
    • Right-thinnest
    • Right-short
    • Right-shorter
    • Right-shortest
    • Right-small
    • Right-smaller
    • Right-smallest

    In addition to selecting the location of Notification Center, the user has the ability to hide certain elements from Notification Center notifications. These options only apply to when you actually have a notification in Notification Center and some of them only apply to notifications where applicable. You can hide and show any of the following Notification Center notification elements:
    • Attachment image
    • Date label
    • Attachment label
    • Message label
    • Sub-title label
    • Title label
    • Notification cell title
    • Notification cell sub-title
    • Notification cell message

    It’s recommended that you don’t hide a whole lot of the elements because it’s mostly critical information that you need to see to enjoy the ability of seeing a notification in iOS. You will also need to be on the picky side when choosing a size for Notification Center because the smaller you go, the more compressed the widgets and notifications feel. I wouldn’t go any smaller than “thin” because any smaller and everything feels cramped.


    For the banners section of the preferences pane, the same kinds of options can be expected; only they will apply to the banners instead of the Notification Center. You can place banners anywhere in the top or bottom of the screen in any size that you would like. Again, we would not recommend going any smaller than “small” because the smaller it is, the less content you’re going to be able to see. The interesting part about being able to place the banners on the right side of the screen is that they look similar to the banners in OS X Mountain Lion.

    You will be able to make the notification banners appear in any of the following locations and sizes; bullets highlighted in ModMyi-Blue are the ones used in the picture example:
    • Default
    • Top-small
    • Top-smaller
    • Top-smallest
    • Left-small
    • Left-smaller
    • Left-smallest
    • Right-small
    • Right-smaller
    • Right-smallest
    • Bottom
    • Bottom-small
    • Bottom-smaller
    • Bottom-smallest
    • Bottom left-small
    • Bottom left-smaller
    • Bottom left-smallest
    • Bottom right-small
    • Bottom right-smaller
    • Bottom right-smallest

    In addition to selecting the location of the notification banners, the user has the ability to hide certain elements from notification banners. Some of these options only apply to notification banners where applicable. You can hide and show any of the following notification banner elements:
    • Banner title
    • Banner message
    • Banner application icon
    • Banner sound
    • Banner application name
    • Banner attachment image
    • Banner attachment text

    Not only can you disable the notification banner sounds, but you can also disable the notification banner animations, which appear to roll over your screen when you get them. Disabling this animation is recommended, by the developer, for when you have your banners at the bottom of the screen, otherwise it will look goofy. The other option you have is to hide the duplicated status bar when you open Notification Center and it’s smaller than the stock size.

    Below is an example of what it looks like when you hide specific elements from Notification Center or from notification banners:

    The tweak has cool features that a lot of people who enjoy customizing iOS will like. The ability to change the sizes, locations, and contents of Notification Center and Banners is a feature Apple never would have given us, so thanks to jailbreaking, we will have the ability to do it. Keep a look out this week for Bulletin Pro in Cydia!

    Name: Bulletin Pro
    Price: 99
    Version: 1.0-12
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss (upcoming)
    Developer: Smartviper E75
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
    2012-08-14 06:10 AM
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    Nice looks cool
    Let us know when its on cydia
    2012-08-14 09:33 PM
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    Nice looks cool
    Let us know when its on cydia
    YES! Let us know when its on cydia!!
    2012-08-15 04:40 PM
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    looks like the iPhone 10 or something. haha.

    Cool tweak by the way. Hope it makes primetime soon!
    2012-08-15 10:18 PM