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    A new Fair Labor Association report claims Foxconn has taken steps to improve the working conditions of the company’s employees.

    The new findings come after Apple and the FLA set out a 15-month “action plan” with a July 2013 deadline. The action plan was developed in response to a FLA report that blasted Foxconn after a number of suicides at Foxconn factories prompted the investigation.

    The action plan includes numerous improvements to worker safety, working hours, and other criteria totalling 360 recommended changes. The FLA’s recent report said Foxconn is ahead of schedule in implementing the FLA’s recommendations with Foxconn having completed 284 of the recommended changes already. That leaves 76 more criteria to meet before the July 2013 deadline.

    While the deadline is still a year away Foxconn has already limited the workweek to 60 hours including overtime. The FLA claims Foxconn is working to reduce the workweek to 40 hours a week plus 9 hours of overtime, which will be no easy task considering how much workers rely on overtime to increase their monthly earnings.

    The conditions are still a far cry from perfect, but the apparent commitment to change is encouraging, albeit a small step.

    Source: BBC
    2012-08-22 07:19 AM