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    Two weeks ago, ModMyi showed you a new multitasking application switcher concept dubbed MissionBoard created by iOS developer John Coates. MissionBoard was recently updated with the ability to close out of background applications, which after the update, spawned mostly good feedback for the application switcher replacement; after all, being free, there was barely any room for complaint. To close an application in the background, the user only needs to hold down on an application until the red close buttons appear. From there, it's pretty self explanatory.

    Coming this week to Cydia is MissionBoard Pro; the tweak will look and act just like MissionBoard, but it will include media controls and system toggles in the interface as well. Opening the application switcher for a first glance yields what appears to be the same interface as MissionBoard. Swipe to the right however, and you will find yourself in a new interface with two buttons on the left side – one that looks like like a music icon and one that looks like a gear:

    When you’re in the music interface, you will be able to see your currently playing music; the status bar is pinched to fit the new interface. The background suddenly and automatically changes to an out-of-focus version of the album artwork of the music you’re listening to, while in the top-center, an in-focus version of the album artwork appears. This inception-like design is well thought out and actually looks very nice.

    Also included is information about the music playing, such as the song name, album name, and the artist. Included are the necessary play, pause, next, and back buttons for controlling and navigating through your music library. Below the buttons exists a volume slider that has the same effect as using your volume buttons on the side of the device.

    Apart from the music interface, there is also a gear button that takes you to some options and toggles. From this interface, you will be able to find an AirPlay button, a kill-all-applications button, and a rotation lock button. Below the buttons are toggles, including a Wi-Fi toggle, Bluetooth toggle, and Flashlight toggle (only works on iPhone 4/iPhone 4S). Lastly, there is a brightness adjuster switch that is conveniently located outside of the Settings application so it’s easily accessible.

    Other changes from the free version of the tweak include optimization of the screenshots used in the switcher so that loading is much faster. We have noticed how much more snappy the interface is at scrolling, opening, and closing. We’re sure you will probably notice the difference too should you choose to purchase MissionBoard Pro, as the change is pretty significant.

    Name: MissionBoard Pro
    Price: To be announced
    Version: To be announced
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss (upcoming)
    Developer: John Coates
    Editor's Rating:  4.5/5
    2012-09-02 10:26 PM
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    look pretty nice
    2012-09-02 10:51 PM
  3. Senyaichiya's Avatar
    It's cool anytime there's an iPod part shown it's always "Zombie" and every time I listen to it. =D
    2012-09-02 11:45 PM
  4. Sk37cH's Avatar
    Cydia is in the switcher interface! I don't use multi flow anymore, because it doesn't show non background apps, and therefor results in me having to exit, then go to my normal switcher to change to the last app. I need a better alternative
    2012-09-03 03:06 AM
  5. SnowLeo's Avatar
    Holy crap, that looks amazing! Finally a better multitasking system that does more than multiflows been doing for a over a year. There was another tweak that was like multiflow with animations and a cooler interface, but this thing looks way better with the toggles and music interface. Finally a full switcher replacement to never need to use apples crappy interface again and get the full capabilites of a real multitasking management like multiflow. Ive been using multiflow for over a year and love my hp touchpad cm9 with the webos multitasking and android 4.0 ICS multitasking.
    If only this thing let you swipe instead of stupid buttons all too reminiscent of apples little tiny close buttons. Swiping is natural, little buttons are annoying.

    Just reread it. They got it all wrong. Swiping right to get to the music and stuff, might as well just be a giant apple switcher. Make the interface in the switcher. I want to swipe things away, not swipe to reveal stuff that is otherwise hidden. I want it to be easily accessable to get to. Remember that ios 4 multitasking expose style concept apple trashed way back. That was amazing. And at the top it had a search bar. Implement the search bar at the top but have a webos style switcher with a bottom bar that when pressed reveals a webos style home menu with the settings toggles and a side button for music like the current interface.
    Maybe even make it webos style multitasking with android 4.0 widget style music and toggle widgets.

    Imagine if under the settings toggle thing there was something for notifications, and above music there was a weather button for a weather widget. And it was toggled by swiping down from the statusbar.
    Then it would finally make sense. One stop awesome interfaced and easily accessable replacement for webos/expose style multitasking to replace multitask bar, notification center and notification center widget replacement, music replacement, and toggle/sbsettings replacement. All in one place. Maybe even a favorite apps thing for quick access. That would be amazing. But until that dream never happens, it looks good enough for a giant sized slightly improved switcher.
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    2012-09-03 06:19 AM
  6. Alveezy's Avatar
    I wish the dev. could work out something with the creator of zephyr so that when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, missionboard shows up instead of the stock app switcher.
    2012-09-03 10:09 AM
  7. sknet's Avatar
    does this tweak memory hogging?
    2012-09-03 03:35 PM
  8. wolverinemarky's Avatar
    I wish the dev. could work out something with the creator of zephyr so that when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, missionboard shows up instead of the stock app switcher.

    i have the free version setup that when i double click the home button it loads missionboard and not the stock app switcher
    2012-09-03 03:36 PM
  9. markell96's Avatar
    Any release dates?
    2012-09-03 06:45 PM
  10. redwolf's Avatar
    does this tweak memory hogging?
    noticed bit of lag... i used many of these types of switchers before. IMO the Stock switcher is best all around. why wonder iphone is this success, simple and works great without gimmick!
    2012-09-03 09:59 PM
  11. tosbsas's Avatar
    bad, now a free tweak gets some bells only some people use, it includes ncsettings - free too - and than the dev asks for 3 bucks - hmmmm
    2012-09-03 10:21 PM
  12. H4CK3R's Avatar
    This looks sweet! When this comes I'll just be using this instead of the normal multitasking. It'll be a lot handier.
    2012-09-03 10:25 PM
  13. n0m0n's Avatar
    Any release dates?
    I think its the Tuesday Tweak this week.

    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -- Aristotle

    2012-09-03 11:40 PM
  14. MAYORLIM's Avatar
    WOW...! A new App Switcher. UI looks great too...I can't wait to try this out...
    2012-09-04 06:42 AM
  15. Mobel's Avatar
    It's live in Cydia. 2,99$
    2012-09-04 06:05 PM