1. oddphone20's Avatar
    HTC is also poised the sue over other LTE patents they have. Apple may be big, but, history tells the tale of many that fought to many fronts. Now that's Samsung..HTC...and Google. Guaranteed more to come. When you pick a fight.....alls fair.
    2012-09-11 11:18 PM
  2. trek-life's Avatar
    I noticed all the fapple f**boys hoping on the hate train to nowhereville. I mean really, apple and Samsung both make some good and bad products/decisions. Look at the iPhone 5 or this upcoming lawsuit or the past lawsuit. It's all going from bad to worse. And I didn't even know that you could win a lawsuit for patent infringements on a company that makes your own phone parts. That's ridiculous to begin with so now Samsung is just fighting back with their own ridiculous lawsuit.
    HAHAHA @ "Fapple F**boys," this is why geeks do not deserve an opinion at all. How stupid is that.

    Aside from that corny nonsense, it amazes me how you guys fuss on both sides of the coin all day and no one ONCE mentions licensing. Not once have I read about that on this site and rarely on any other. Most "if not all" companies that create something with many patented parts actually "license" the parts that are already patented. This is key in industries where a lot of working parts make up a product ie, cars, airplanes and yes...smart phones.

    But anyway, continue your misinformed demonizing
    2012-09-11 11:46 PM
  3. unison999's Avatar
    All I can say is Don't start 5hit and you won't get 5hit.
    Let's see who will end up on top.
    A huge private company or a big private company backed by the country it's from. Going to be tough call here.
    2012-09-11 11:47 PM
  4. teej1410's Avatar
    I feel like this is a food fight but instead of food it's a sue-fest
    2012-09-12 12:08 AM
  5. Breezer23's Avatar
    HTC said they will be suing as well. It's just a paperweight without it
    2012-09-12 01:03 AM
  6. NegativeBeef's Avatar
    I phone 5 finally here tomorrow this is sure to blow up Samsunks crappy s3.
    Yeah crappy S3. That must be why it's the best selling phone right now
    2012-09-12 03:41 AM
  7. Tperry's Avatar
    Yeah crappy S3. That must be why it's the best selling phone right now
    Man, it only sold a measly 20 million in 100 days. Can't be in too much demand.
    Not a waterboy for Android OR Apple.
    2012-09-12 04:07 AM
  8. bigboyz's Avatar
    This is like the OJ Simpson court case without the celebs, high speed chases and killing. Instead we have multiple judges, finger pointing and endless ca$h. Snooze fest really.
    2012-09-12 02:53 PM
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