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    Hmm, is that because the new iPhone has everything on one chip? Or does it have to do with the number of antennas?

    Apple incorporated the LTE radio into the CDMA radio so only one works at a time.
    2012-09-14 08:09 PM
  2. Illmatic636's Avatar
    Makes no sense! LTE is backwards compatible with GSM. Why build it into the CDMA antenna if iPhone has both? Maybe there is a flaw in the whole LTE network and they are avoiding an issue with crashing if data and voice go simultaneously? Well if the iP5s is the same, I'm going to a more advanced platform. Andy or Bill Gates.

    GSM may be old technology, but still stronger than LTE and CDMA
    Accessible to all.
    Allowing access; not locked up.
    Having no means of closing or barring.
    Free from limitations, boundaries, or restrictions.
    2012-09-14 09:17 PM
  3. Tperry's Avatar
    Verizon did not support this feature on 3G, but it was assumed LTE would allow simultaneous voice and data. I would think this could be fixed with software. It is not a deal breaker in regards to choosing a carrier though.
    If you are referring to the 4/4S not being able to on Verizon, correct.
    They DO support it on 3G on Android phones. The Thunderbolt has been able to do it since release, the Rezound can as well as the S3. It is commonly referred to as SVDO.
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    Not a waterboy for Android OR Apple.
    2012-09-14 10:39 PM
  4. catstide's Avatar
    The only tin=me I could think of that this would actually be useful is using navigation and voice at the same time.
    2012-09-14 10:48 PM
  5. rockyseay's Avatar
    This was the deciding factor for me last year with the 4S. I could have saved some cash going with Sprint, but at the last minute realized this problem and stuck with AT&T. They're about to get another 2 year contract from me, especially after their awesome family share plans. I save 35% each month now! I've always had unlimited data ever since the original iPhone, but I reviewed my usage and saw I never exceeded 2GB/month. I'll be adding my parents, getting two iPhone 5s, taking one and giving my mother my 4S, and using the 4GB/month usage. $70 + $30 + $30 instead of $100 for me and $100 for them. I live near Long Beach CA and my reception has no problems, however I know there may be problems in other cities. Go LTE!
    Careful now, 4g burns through data a lot faster.
    2012-09-15 01:22 AM
  6. Cory Gillmore's Avatar
    I haven't been able to use this feature on AT&T for years. Mostly because I can't even make a phone call on AT&T's network.
    Well then I believe I would switch networks. Att is fantastic where I live. I can drive down the road with my phone in the cradle on a facetime call with no problems. Not the safest thing to do I know, but it's still pretty cool.
    2012-09-15 02:33 AM
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    Fragmentation, lmfao
    2012-09-15 03:36 AM
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    I'm finding this hard to believe.
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    2012-09-15 04:58 AM
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    omg!!!!!!!! ...i knew this already. they had a whole commercial about this like what a year or two ago?
    You tool this is talking about LTE not 3G. You knew this about the 3G because that was news when the iPhone 4 came out on Verizon.

    Hmm, is that because the new iPhone has everything on one chip? Or does it have to do with the number of antennas?
    It has to do with the number of antennas. CDMA LTE would require 3 antennas which means apple would have to design the Verizon and sprint phone differently and they weren't going to do that.

    CDMA LTE is said to evolve to do voice+data in 2 years.
    2012-09-15 07:52 AM
  10. Truckerbear's Avatar
    Apple seemed to have not been willing to take the battery hit that comes with the dual radio/chipset required. And why is no one talking about the crappy hand-offs or hand-down from fast LTE to sloooow EVDO? Facetime over EVDO, Yikes! Enjoy the slideshow. Bottom-line, CDMA/EVDO Suxs and Verizon rushed to deploy LTE picking an out of spec crap dual radio solution... There is no software fix!

    PS On AT&T = "Dude, I'm like 30mins from the party per the navi"... On Verizon/Sprint = oh wait, can't have that conversation without the navi going offline. So silly...

    Home button

    Phone call...

    "Dude, I'm like 30mins from the party per the navi"

    End call..

    Open up Navigation software IE: Maps...

    End of story.

    Happy Verizon customer.
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    2012-09-15 09:17 AM
  11. nuesoul's Avatar
    Hmm, is that because the new iPhone has everything on one chip? Or does it have to do with the number of antennas?
    This is nuts! I've been a Verizon customer for about 2 yrs now and have never had the pleasure of svdo as coming from sprint & Tmo. I didn't mind it cuz I never had it, plus I didn't like AT&T. Now I'm getting into a line of work & I'm going to be needing it every so often(safely of course). So I might have to drop big red & make that switch

    This is a limit of the phone not Verizon service. Sorry I can browse and talk at the same time on the Galaxy S3 Verizon supports talk and web with almost all there current lineup of LTE phones
    Just a question. How do u not have svdo on ur s3 when my friend has a moto droid bionic?
    2012-09-21 06:23 AM
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    What are you talking about? He said he can't talk and surf
    War is my mission. Killing is my ambition.
    2012-09-23 07:06 AM
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