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    Why do I read more about Samsung this and Samsung that on this site than Apple stuff? Is there really not that much going on in the iOS world that you have to continuously report on Samsung? I have SGS3 and and iPad 3, I dunno why you guys care what phone other people use. Is it REALLY that important that other people use the same phone you do? This site is about Modding my i... devices, but every other article here is about lawsuits and samsung and nonsense about how they are advertising. To be honest the only reason i feel you guys write these articles is because you guys need this to make you feel better about yourself, and that you are a "superior" person for choosing to buy apple. Go to X D A (X D --> , lol), I have never seen a single article about Apple or lawsuits or irrelevant information not pertaining to modding my devices. You guys are just as bad as the religious fanatics that push their beliefs on others.
    2012-09-20 06:08 PM
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    Pay no attention to Samsung, site is about apple stuff
    2012-09-20 06:33 PM
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    Like how u can share a pic or
    Play list by putting the phones together but real thing is I have both iPhone 4s and the galaxy s3 and all my friends and most of my family iPhones and I only know one person and is a galaxy s2 which i sold early this year. Just my opinion and not trying to hate but I always try new
    Phones androids and even
    Windows but I always end up going back to iPhone. Funny commercial
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    2012-09-20 06:40 PM
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    Its an opinion in the end. We are all entitled. Funny how we all pick sides and defend them tooth and nail. What is Apple giving us? What is Samsung giving us? Not a damn thing! Relax and get the phone of your choice..yikes.
    Lol exactly.. Well said!
    2012-09-20 06:46 PM
  5. Mustafabaquari's Avatar
    2012-09-20 06:48 PM
  6. fleurya's Avatar
    Apple bashes competition in advertising and it's just good marketing.
    Samsung does it and its "anti-apple"

    Apple did at one time with the Mac v. PC which I really didn't like, and they mercifully quit that campaign.

    Samsung should learn from their mistake.
    2012-09-20 06:52 PM
  7. feidhlim1986's Avatar
    When has Apple bashed the competition except for those old Mac vs. PC commercials?
    Why even ask when then follow up with...except?

    The Mac Vs PC ads ran for almost 4 years! It was hardly just one or two ads. It had dozens and dozens of ads in multiple countries, even localized the campaign for different regions.
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    2012-09-20 06:53 PM
  8. redzombi2k's Avatar
    Its funny how defensive some people are getting about this ad. Samsung is not forcing anyone to buy there phone. I found it to be both humorous and entertaining. That said, I currently own a 4s and love it. I also think the S3 is an amazing phone. The world is big enough for more than one phone people.
    2012-09-20 07:06 PM
  9. hogcia's Avatar
    lol, funny. The ONLY reason I ordered the i5 is for the iOS system & Appstore, but with apple's history I dont think I will be jumping for next years iPhone 5S.
    2012-09-20 07:10 PM
  10. rickuk's Avatar
    They can't be Apple customers in the line, if they had used the new Maps on IOS6 they would never have found their way to the store
    2012-09-20 07:17 PM
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    It's so funny that samsung ran the same comercial last year against the crappy 4s and still it sold twice as much as the S3 and still they do the same thing and the phone already sold more than 2 million, the problem with samsung it's that their line is too complicated, for the S2 they had like 10 different models that did 10 different things, yet apple had 1 model that did 10 different things. And the S3 is the same, there is more than 1 model and yet apple only needs 1 iphone to do all. The screen thing is crap, all it gives you is more room to break in either your pocket or by accident, and Android is the worst operating system ever, i've used it and didn't like it at all. Yet it has advantages, expandable memory, faster processor, better sync with the pc since you don't need itunes, but most games come on ios first anyway, and are cheaper too and who really uses a phone for video or sound editing???. The problem with samsung it that it concentrates it's campain on the obvious instead of actually showing real comparisons, show the same game on both devices to see which is better, use the cloud software of both devices at the same time to see the difference, but stop comparing the screen, stop comparing processor and ram, actually compare the things we really care about. Oh and by the way the part about the grandparents using the iphone and the grandson using the S3...IF MY GRANDFATHER EVEN KNEW HOW TO TURN ON THE IPHONE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME SO DON'T TELL ME THAT THE S3 IS THE PHONE YOUNG PEOPLE USE, BECAUSE ONLY HIPSTERS AND PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO CHEAP FOR A REAL PHONE ARE THE ONES WHO BOTHER WITH A SAMSUNG.
    2012-09-20 07:26 PM
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    Haha this is just like the PS3 vs. XBox argument.
    2012-09-20 07:31 PM
  13. traktor03's Avatar
    Its a battle between two. Ig company's who is going to make a better device.for us consumers it's a choice which to choose. Not to argue.
    2012-09-20 07:32 PM
  14. Retrolock's Avatar
    It's a funny commercial. It's just too weird to see two guys bumping their phones lol. What for a music playlist? Next thing you know they'll be bumping.. way down there lol
    iphone 6 64gb
    2012-09-20 07:35 PM
  15. Soldierboykillm's Avatar
    Its an opinion in the end. We are all entitled. Funny how we all pick sides and defend them tooth and nail. What is Apple giving us? What is Samsung giving us? Not a damn thing! Relax and get the phone of your choice..yikes.
    Well said my friend
    2012-09-20 07:40 PM
  16. mortopher's Avatar
    The saddest part of all is that they have to make up fake over-the-top stupid things people say in order to then make fun of it. If people were really that stupidly excited, I'd give them some slack on making fun of them. But it's just not true.
    Have you ever camped out for an Apple product? Some of the more fanatic users that you'll see there aren't that far off from what the commercial depicts. They are certainly in the minority, but some of them do act and talk as if the next Apple product is going to cure cancer.

    Personally, I think this video is a much funnier critique of iPhone 5:

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/qFUz6vHEQCM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    2012-09-20 07:42 PM
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    Its an opinion in the end. We are all entitled. Funny how we all pick sides and defend them tooth and nail. What is Apple giving us? What is Samsung giving us? Not a damn thing! Relax and get the phone of your choice..yikes.
    +1.....It's all opinions....there will always be pros & cons to EVERYTHING in life...My dad has a Android device and I iPhone but his phone has a few features I like and vice versa with him...
    2012-09-20 07:50 PM
  18. Harambur's Avatar
    cool ad. can't deny that. lol
    2012-09-20 07:52 PM
  19. cgfusion's Avatar
    Samsung has to resort to this type of slander, they have nothing on the iPhone. I've already gotten commitments from 32 families to boycott all Samsung products (ALL), working on more, and they are working on more.
    2012-09-20 07:52 PM
  20. tbchamp81's Avatar
    Funny! Every new phone is the "iPhone killer". Only the iPhone isn't dead yet. Lol
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    2012-09-20 07:58 PM
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