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    With the excitement over the launch of the iPhone 5 and a “large, captive audience for upgrades” analyst Chris Whitmore of Deutsche bank increased his price target for Apple stock to $850. In a recent note to investors on Friday, Whitmore said the demand for the iPhone 5 is “extremely robust” and combined with a faster launch internationally should bode well for Apple.

    He believes Apple could sell as many as 5 million to 6 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend alone. To reflect his predictions, he has raised his iPhone estimates for the 2012 calendar from 133 million to a new projection of 138 million. The calendar year of 2013 has been increased even more by Whitmore, from 170 million (for the 12-month span) to a new forecast of 180 million iPhones sold.

    Whitmore continued to say he sees the iPhone representing about 20% of the total smartphone share, which would be about even with Apple’s share in 2012. He went on to clarify that his estimated could prove to be conservative as he believes Apple has “ample room for additional share gains going forward.” According to him, Apple’s continued success with the iPhone in a highly competitive market is contingent upon five specific advantages:

    • Apple's rich application offerings and third-party ecosystem
    • The iPhone 5 is a significant form factor and radio (LTE) upgrade
    • Android is likely to get more expensive or lose features as a result of litigation
    • An expanded geographic reach
    • Meaningful iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS installed base upgrade potential
    Apple is said to possibly see supply constraints into the December quarter and therefore the holiday shopping season. If this ends up being true, the sales would then be deferred to the first half of 201, which could suggest that the iPhone 5 would generate a longer and more sustained cycle.

    Source: Chris Whitmore via AppleInsider

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    2012-09-22 03:40 AM
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    Those aren't iPhone 5's on the image :X

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    2012-09-22 04:49 AM
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    lol image fail!!! hahaha
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    Those aren't iPhone 5's on the image :X
    Not even
    iPhone 4s Lmaoooo
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    2012-09-22 09:29 AM