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    Once Apple added iMessage to the Mac in OS X, there are even more ways to communicate between Apple devices now. This includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and now Mac as well as they can all send and receive via iMessage, but one person usually sends from multiple addresses across devices. This can get quite annoying for those of you who have experienced this issue. An example of this would be someone who sends a message through their phone number on the iPhone and then later send another message through an Apple ID email address on the Mac. Here, Apple recently introduced iMessage contact unification in iOS 6, meaning that you can now be reached at both a phone number and an email address on an iOS device. One problem still persists though: messages from different IDs create new conversation threads. Of course, this is exactly where jailbreak tweaks come in handy.

    Developer, designer, and previous ModMyi staff writer, Joshua Tucker partnered with iOS developer Andrew Richardson and recently introduced a jailbreak tweak called Merge at JailbreakCon. Merge improves Messages by combining all messages by contact instead of address. Instead of each contact’s phone number or email using its own conversation thread, Merge combines them all together and marks a line to show you which number or email is being used. It also offers a quick way to switch the address you are sending to. To change a different address in a conversation, you simply hold down the Contact button or contact icon on the iPad to choose another address to send to. Holding the contact’s name down in the New Message will allow you to view and switch addresses.

    The best part of the tweak is that it is really simple and elegant. There aren't too many settings to configure, it just plain works. This way, next time you are sending multiple iMessages to the same user but on different contact addresses, instead of getting multiple threads, you’ll have one unified thread. In Merge, the sender’s ID is displayed in a tiny grey line of text right above each chat bubble. When the ID changes, you’ll be notified with an Apple-like line of text.

    For those of you who run into this specific issue with iMessages a lot, Merge is a simple and slick jailbreak tweak that solves the problem. You should be able to pick it up in Cydia for $1.50 if you are interested.
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    2012-09-30 11:40 AM
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    Any chance that this will be made to work for those of us using BiteSMS?
    2012-09-30 01:33 PM
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    Any chance that this will be made to work for those of us using BiteSMS?
    We're investigating the possibility of integrating biteSMS with Merge.

    2012-10-02 12:53 AM
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    Will it be updated for iOS 6.1.2?
    2013-02-21 04:54 PM
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    Will it be updated for iOS 6.1.2?
    Ditto. Looks like a very useful tweak.
    2013-02-21 05:23 PM
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    The dev has said in his twitter that he's working on an update for iOS 6 but it's a lot of work.
    2013-02-21 05:59 PM
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    This ever get updated for iOS 6? Looks like no.

    Separate threads for the same contacts is annoying...especially in Group messages! I wish Apple would fix this..they created this problem by rolling out iMessage without supporting phone numbers on iPad/Macs from the get go.
    2013-08-05 10:57 PM