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    I decided to buy it but I do wish there was a trial version to test. I am using a magic trackpad. This app works great, scrolling with the trackpad is at times tricky for me. But pretty sure that's my issue.

    I use BeeKeyboard and the 2 seem to work very well. I have had some lag issues. This looks to be a winner.
    2012-10-08 03:52 AM
  2. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
    mod edit/

    No one truly cares if any other device could do this "first" or not, Because seriously so what?

    And next this is not an apple idea or tweak its a Jailbreak tweak by an independent developer.
    Typical fanboy reply. Just because Apple can now finally do it they are much better
    2012-10-08 08:52 PM
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    Just FYI, I installed the BTC Mouse tweak on my iPad and it's great. I'm still getting used to it, but so far and for the apps/functions on the iPad itself, it works like a charm and as you would expect any mouse would without any 'lag' as far I can tell. However, the big reason I got it was for RDP as I use my iPad to access my company machines while I'm on travel or away from the office. Not an easy task controlling a remote machine using your finger...

    As for RDP, at least at this time, it does NOT work real well with Logmein Ignition (total bummer for me). Basically you see two mouse cursors, the one on the remote machine and the BTC one on the iPad. What makes it very clumsy with Logmein, is you have to 'grab' the mouse cursor on the remote machine (holding down the left-button on the BTC/iPad mouse)and move that one around with the BTC mouse and then perform the standard mouse functions (click, double-click, etc.) once over top of the icon. Very inconvenient. This might actually be an issue with the way Logmein mouse function works, but it would be nice if there was a way BTC Mouse could 'hide' or 'auto-attach' the remote mouse to the BTC mouse when using Logmein. I know, that's probably asking a lot from a $5 JB app, but maybe the developer can add that feature at some point. Sure would be nice.

    As for other 'direct' RDP apps such as 2X Client and RDP Lite, the BTC mouse tweak works perfectly fine and as a normal mouse would. With those, you only see one mouse cursor, the BTC one, and it moves and controls all the mouse functions on the remote machine.

    All in all this is a very nice tweak and I'd give it a BIG Thumbs Up for those who use RDP on the iPad on a regular basis.
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    2012-10-09 07:42 PM
  4. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
    I've been doing this on my Samsung 10.1 4G tablet for a year now. I hook up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and VPN in and use RDP.
    2012-10-09 08:00 PM
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    Uh I payed full price for this app for my iPod touch 2g MB model and when I try to install it through Cydia it says at the bottom "depends" with it showing that I need Bluetooth Companion. Then when I try to download Bluetooth Companion it depends on a file called "gsc.armv7" which is for the MC 8gb iPod touch model. The compatibility kinda misleadingly lists iPod touch 2g but I obviously tried it and it didn't install on my MB model iPod touch 2g.
    2012-10-11 03:39 AM
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    Ask for a refund
    2012-10-11 07:13 AM
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