1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    Unavailable at Mexico :-(
    Well it got pulled from the App Store yesterday .
    2012-10-11 04:54 AM
  2. Donnutt's Avatar
    same here! I don't see what the big deal is neither. Maybe we are just lucky to live in a city, whose map is working correct??? I dont' know...but I guess it's just a lot of hating going on, just for the fun of it.
    I have also used the maps and had no problem with it, nor have any of my friends. The directions are really nice, and it seems accurate. I live in Montana too, not a highly populated area. I think people are jumping on the bandwagon.
    2012-10-11 07:12 AM
  3. nmz's Avatar
    I don't miss google maps at all. I like Siri! I've yet to have an issue with apples maps around Detroit, MI.
    3D view is still wonky. The ambassador bridge is kinda there and certain areas like M-59 and Rochester road look redic, too.
    2012-10-12 04:55 PM
  4. iH85CH001's Avatar
    it says it is unavailable in the U.S. App store.
    2012-10-14 12:32 AM
  5. confucious's Avatar
    Apple Maps is the reason why my next phone is unlikely to be an iPhone - unless google can get a native app out for iOS6

    For those of you that say it's OK - do you not use streetview or satellite view? In the UK the maps are just so inaccurate as to be a joke and finding places is almost impossible but that can be fixed. even the sattelite view will, no doubt improve - but it needs to do so rapidly. But without streetview it is such a retrograde step as to make it almost useless to me.
    Google have updated streetview this week in the UK and now has much more up-to-date views so is even better. It is great on my iPad which is still on 5.11 - my iPhone I updated, I wont update my iPad.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2012-10-14 03:30 PM
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