1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar

    Some of you are probably as big of Spofity junkies as I am, leaning toward the music streaming method instead of downloading music and syncing it to your iPhone’s Music application through iTunes. A new free jailbreak tweak called SpotiPlay by iOS developer Fllorent0D aims to make life easier for us Spotify folk by making Spotify iOS’ default music player application.

    The tweak will make it so the iPod controls from the multitasking App Switcher always link you to the Spotify application instead of Apple’s Music application. When you tap on either the Spotify icon or on the play button, Spotify will launch and allow you to start playing music from the application.

    In addition, the music controls from the lock screen will also link to Spotify instead of the Music application. When you tap on the play button from the lock screen, the device will unlock and launch Spotify for you. If you have a passcode set, the play button will do nothing in order to keep unwanted hands from getting into your device via the play button.

    Unfortunately what the tweak doesn’t do is automatically start playing music from Spotify when you tap on the play button from the multitasking App Switcher (it launches the Spotify application). It would be difficult to route it like this anyhow, since the tweak would have no idea if you wanted to listen to the radio, streamed music, or your cached music.

    If you have an empty Music application like I do, but enjoy using Spotify, you might want to download this free tweak. It makes a great Spotify shortcut from almost anywhere in iOS. The tweak has no options to configure and you can set the Music application back to the default music player by uninstalling the tweak. Give it a try!

    Name: SpotiPlay
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: Spotify
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: Fllorent0D
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5
    2012-10-09 10:59 PM
  2. OceanMindedBoy's Avatar
    They come out with this right when I get the iPhone 5 and there's no jailbreak -_-
    2012-10-09 11:36 PM
  3. mortopher's Avatar
    They come out with this right when I get the iPhone 5 and there's no jailbreak -_-
    Lol, I had that same reaction too:
    "I've been waiting for a tweak exactly like this! Oh wait, I have a 5 now, crap!"
    2012-10-10 02:50 AM
  4. emmanravalo's Avatar
    awww.. why this tweak just release now when I just finished my subscription
    2012-10-10 04:53 AM
  5. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    i4 in da house!!!!! No jailbreak for da 5 = no iphone5 for me!!!!!
    Needless to say this tweak is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!! and itz free
    Can't beat dat wit a baseball bat
    2012-10-10 05:10 AM
  6. Sage I's Avatar
    Remember ladies and gents: Getting the newest apple product the moment it's released will limit you to a stock iPhone with no jailbreak available for usually 3-4 months it seems... Plus then you gotta wait for all the good tweaks and utilities to be ported over to work with 6.0. Try wait to grab the newest hottest ish and then you won't be bummed that you can't get this spotify tweak that you wish you could get... Besides after the antenna issue on the 4 release I would think people owning idevices would realize that you wait for the initial rush to die down, wait for quality control at Foxconn to catch up with production, wait for the bugs or hardware issues to get sorted out, and last but not least wait for a jailbreak...
    2012-10-10 07:58 PM
  7. bsltiger's Avatar
    Jealous. Lock button broke so I had to bring it in to the apple store and replace it (less than a month left on warranty, new 4S means higher resale value).

    The spotify app remembers your last playlist option. "now playing" in the top right.

    Maybe someone could figure out how to hook that so we don't have to start the app?
    2012-10-10 08:48 PM