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    Last week, ModMyi showed you a great new jailbreak tweak called Ostium by iOS developer danyl that provides you with an awesome new Notification Center animation and a new way to launch notification center. The tweak has been updated to version 1.1 today, adding some important new features and also paying even more attention to the detail of the tweak’s appearance.

    Starting with the additional attention to detail, the tweak will now show the Status Bar throughout the animation process and the Status Bar will split across the display along with the screen. In the previous version, if you recall, the Status Bar would actually disappear during the animation process. The updated animation with the Status Bar support is illustrated below:

    Getting into the new features of Ostium, the tweak now allows you to set a wallpaper for the alternate animation. We explained in our previous post how the tweak gives you the ability to combine the new animation with the stock animation and this would create a white background that would be filled with Notification Center as it fell down from the Status Bar. With the update, that rather unattractive white background can now be filled with an image or a solid color of your choice:

    The preferences pane in the Settings application is the place where you can expect to find control over these new features:

    The new cell in the preferences pane labeled “Wallpaper” is where you need to go to set a wallpaper for the tweak. Note that the wallpaper will only appear when you have the “Slide Animation” feature enabled. When you tap on the Wallpaper cell, you are brought to an interface where you can select your wallpaper type. You can pick an image from your Camera Roll, or you can select a solid color. The solid colors you have to choose from include:
    • White
    • Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green

    The other new feature you will find is the ability to show the Notification Center grabber when using the animation from the home screen. The grabber will not be functional, but if you prefer seeing the grabber instead of having it not appear during the animation, this feature will show it.

    Ostium is a great jailbreak tweak, so you should definitely take a look at it if you haven’t already. The update only makes this great tweak even better, so if you own it already, head to Cydia and update to the newest version for free!

    For newcomers, the tweak is currently 99 in the ModMyi repository and it supports the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
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    2012-10-23 01:32 AM
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    Does this work with a winterboard theme active? I remember when a that whole "3D" desktop hack appeared and everyone went crazy over it until people found out it only worked on a vanilla springboard. Lots of pissed off people.
    2012-10-23 02:05 AM
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    Full compatibility with Winterboard, and lots of other tweaks.
    2012-10-23 02:11 AM
  4. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    Full compatibility with Winterboard, and lots of other tweaks.
    Love the update danyl .
    2012-10-23 09:36 PM