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    In some applications, such as the popular Letterpress word game pictured above, the Status Bar is not visible because the application is intended to fill up the entire screen. Some people like how the application fills the screen and some people don’t like not being able to see the time, signal strength, and battery percentage while using applications.

    A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed ForceStatusBar by iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich now gives the user the ability to show the Status Bar in any application they want to. As shown above, the tweak will just show the Status Bar in any application.

    One thing you will notice right off the bat is that the application interface isn’t compressed to make room for the Status Bar. Instead, the Status Bar is just put on top of the interface. In most cases this won’t be a problem because the Status Bar is so small that it really can’t even get in the way of important controls and buttons.

    In the event that it does become a problem, Ryan Petrich gives us the option to disable the tweak for specific applications. Just head over to the Settings application to check those settings out:

    The tweak intelligently categorizes your full-screen applications and your ordinary applications. Any application with the switch turned on will show the Status Bar when the application is open. If you turn the switch off, the Status Bar will disappear from these full-screen applications. Hiding the Status Bar only works for full-screen applications, since ordinary applications will show the Status Bar anyway. The tweak requires no respring to save your settings.

    ForceStatusBar can only be obtained on Ryan Petrich's beta repository on Cydia. You can add it by opening Cydia, tapping on Manage, then tapping on Sources, then tapping Edit, then tapping on Add, and adding the following repository URL:

    PHP Code:
    The tweak can certainly be useful. Check it out if you feel like you need to see your Status Bar in full-screen applications more often.

    Name: ForceStatusBar
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.1
    Repo: Ryan Petrich's beta repository
    Developer: Ryan Petrich
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5
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    This could be helpful. Nice tweak!
    2012-11-09 05:56 AM
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    this is like the opposite of rpetrich's "Monocle."
    2012-11-09 06:17 AM
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    Awesome tweak
    2012-11-09 05:19 PM