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    As many of you may already know, Apple’s App Store has been the undisputed revenue king since its creation; however its enormous lead is quickly beginning to shrink. The argument that many previously brought up over the iOS platform having a gigantic edge over Android is becoming moot as Google’s Play revenue continues to grow rapidly. According to the industry leader in app store analytics and marketing, App Annie, Google Play’s revenues have skyrocketed roughly 311% in the last year compared to the App Store’s more conservative 12.9%. Many of us have probably heard of the argument that having a large collection of apps means nothing if they’re crap and not making their developers any money, however that no longer seems to be the case either with Google Play, as it’s becoming quite obvious that the Play store is in fact making money and doing so at an increasing rate.

    As of right now, Apple’s App Store still globally produces four times the amount of revenue as the Play Store, a number that is nothing to scoff at. It’s quite a big difference and is one that has been the driving force behind many developers choosing the iOS platform as their primary choice. When it comes to trying to monetize on both platforms, App Annie reports that games and developers that have just a few apps end up doing much better than others. In fact, 9 of the top 10 publishers by revenue on both iOS and Google Play are game publishers. If you’re looking to make the big bucks, you might want to consider developing a game.

    Other bits of information that might be interesting is the fact that Japan has overtaken the U.S. in Google Play revenue while East Asian publishers begin to overtake app stores in general. If you’re a developer looking to get serious, it takes almost no thought to develop for both platforms (Android and iOS), but if you’re one of the many that believes that “developers don’t make money on Android” than that is a mentality that you have to forego. For those of you who are interested in learning additional information about the market, hit the source link below as the App Annie index will allow you to dive into some very useful and interesting statistics.

    Source: App Annie via Cult of Android

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2012-11-30 09:45 AM
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    Google play is going up at least
    2012-11-30 11:42 AM
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    what will apple fanboys say now? Android is dominating iOS, the iPad's market share is plummeting, Google play has as many apps as the app store, and now this.
    2012-12-01 02:57 AM
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    what will apple fanboys say now? Android is dominating iOS, the iPad's market share is plummeting, Google play has as many apps as the app store, and now this.
    Since I got an HTC smartphone 2.5 months ago (I was sadly disgusted with the iPhone 5 and decided to leave Apple finally) and I can say with 100% certainty Google Play store is much better than Apple's App Store. No comparison. I always thought Apple had mostly garbage in their App Store and they still do. I haven't hardly loaded anything but tunes on my iPad for about a year. Google's is by far more advanced and loaded with useful apps, not just zombie games and fart apps. Not to mention Android phones do so much more than an iPhone. People seeking something different than a Blackberry or iPhone are finding there are other options.

    Just my opinion.
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    2012-12-01 06:24 AM