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    Two features that would work very well together, if Apple allowed it, are the Do Not Disturb feature, introduced in iOS 6, and the Calendar application. Concept designer Joshua Tucker keeps this in mind as he unveils a new concept that combines the two features into one service that a user could use to basically schedule times to toggle the Do Not Disturb feature automatically when the time comes.

    iOS can already schedule Do Not Disturb sessions and toggle them automatically, during that session, from the Do Not Disturb preferences pane in the Settings application. However, the current implementation of Do Not Disturb in iOS only allows the user to automatically toggle Do Not Disturb for a single time instance at once, and gives them the ability to repeat it only during that same time instance each day.

    This concept centralizes around Calendar events, and not a limited manual setting to toggle Do Not Disturb during a single period of time. Being centralized around Calendar events means that the toggle can be set to repeat multiple times, on certain occasions throughout a month. For example, your class schedules or work schedules. This will leave you undisturbed while in class or on the job without having to manually input a scheduled Do Not Disturb session each time, or having to manually toggle Do Not Disturb before each event.

    As an example, let's say I have a college class at 10:00 AM, 1:30 AM, and 4:30 AM. I could just simply set a Schedule from 10:00 to whenever my class ends, or have to toggle it on and off that number of times.

    It's more efficient and productive to have to set it only once and it take care of it all for you. Since calendar events can span numerous weeks, months, and days, I can set Do Not Disturb in the event and it will mandate every single instance of that event until the event no longer repeats.

    I also don't have to worry either about forgetting to enable Do Not Disturb since it will take care of it for me. Of course, you can override it by turning Do Not Disturb off in Settings or changing the availability off Do Not Disturb.

    The concept would call for adding a new feature to the ‘Availability’ cell in the New Event sheet from the Calendar application. Right now, users can choose “Busy,” or “Free” as availability statuses. The concept adds “Do Not Disturb” to this list, which will be the part of the idea that actually controls the toggling of Do Not Disturb based on the calendar event.

    When you pick Do Not Disturb as an availability status, the event that you marked as Do Not Disturb would show up in the Calendar application with the moon icon to the left of it; the same moon icon that you would normally see in the Status Bar when Do Not Disturb is toggled to the on position.

    Users would be able to override any Calendar event-based Do Not Disturb sessions, by simply disabling Do Not Disturb from the settings, just as they could if Do Not Disturb were scheduled from the Do Not Disturb preferences pane. This makes for easy flexibility if you chose that you wanted to receive notifications during a certain day at work or while in class.

    Should your scheduled Do Not Disturb session conflict with a Calendar event-based Do Not Disturb session, the one that begins first would toggle the Do Not Disturb feature on, and the one that ends last would toggle the Do Not Disturb feature off – this ensures that they play nicely and that you get what you expect from your settings.

    iCloud would also play a factor, as it would keep your events in sync across all of your devices. Only devices with the conceptual tweak installed, of course, would be able to take advantage of the Do Not Disturb feature based on the Calendar events.

    Tucker has plans with a developer in the jailbreak community to add this feature to Cydia as a jailbreak tweak in the future. Keep a look out!

    Sources: Dribbble via Joshua Tucker
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    2012-12-05 04:20 AM
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    Liking this, very cool. A feature I'd love to have.
    2012-12-05 04:24 AM
  3. Lordstuny's Avatar
    Is this a jb tweak or what? . If yes then whats the use if there is no jb for ios6
    2012-12-05 09:38 AM
  4. Cer0's Avatar
    Is this a jb tweak or what? . If yes then whats the use if there is no jb for ios6
    It says it at bottom to be a JB tweak. And not everyone is on iOS6. A lot of people stayed on 5.X to keep jailbreak.
    2012-12-05 09:40 AM
  5. tyroneworster's Avatar
    It's very Useful tweak they added in latest iOS version..
    2012-12-05 02:34 PM
  6. Lordstuny's Avatar
    Well with the screenshot of the tweak from an iphone 5 . Which we all know is still jailed. What the use
    2012-12-05 04:08 PM
  7. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
    Well with the screenshot of the tweak from an iphone 5 . Which we all know is still jailed. What the use
    The iPhone 5 was simply the device of choice to display the concept. It would be compatible on all iOS devices.
    2012-12-05 04:24 PM
  8. phoenix3200's Avatar
    Yea, I pretty much implemented this three years ago in CalendarPro. And then nobody bought it.
    2012-12-05 10:53 PM
  9. justdan0227's Avatar
    I just wish that DND really meant DND such that when turned on no notifications, messages or phone calls would come in so that you could use your iphone as a music player and not have it interrupted if used in conjunction with a performance.
    2012-12-06 11:41 PM
  10. Cesar AZ's Avatar
    What a great idea! There's actually an app that DOES work with DoNotDisturb I found while I was looking for something like this; it's called Call Bliss. It doesn't schedule on the Calendar, but you can customize Do Not Disturb to automatically work with locations and customize who can call you while it's on. Seems great for unwanted calls.
    2012-12-08 02:07 AM
  11. confucious's Avatar
    A simple improvement to DND would be to allow different settings for the weekend.

    This tweak would be great.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2012-12-09 12:50 AM
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