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    Gameloft has been teasing Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for the last couple of months, promising to bring players around the world the best first person shooter experience they can get on a mobile device with unmatched graphics and superior gameplay, combined with jaw-dropping single-player and online multiplayer modes. Just yesterday, Gameloft announced that the game would be available for download Thursday, December 6th (tomorrow).

    Gameloft has prepared for their release tomorrow by releasing another game trailer. This trailer shows off many of the situations in the game that players will deal with as they attempt to complete their campaign mode. There appears to be a heavy focus in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on vehicles and heavy artillery, which would mean a very different game play than the previous Modern Combat games.

    These special machines, combined with the favorited first person shooter experience that Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour brings to the iOS platform, means hours, even days of fun campaign mode carnage. The online multiplayer will also be fun, as it offers several different game modes and interchangeable weapons with parts that can be tailored to the player’s own needs.

    The countdown begins, and we’re about 12 hours and counting, as of this writing, until the release of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Are you excited? – I sure am!

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, you can tap on the link below:

    Sources: Gameloft
    2012-12-05 05:41 PM
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    Bring it!

    Who's with me? Eh?
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