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    Following the rumors that Twitter would be adding a photograph filter feature to their mobile applications before the holidays, Twitter has today officially announced the feature will be usable from the mobile applications for Android and iOS via their blog.

    The photograph filters will be available in an App Store application update for existing mobile Twitter application users, which does not appear to be live yet. However, the Twitter blog does say that users will be able to tap into these filters “starting today,” so we’re expecting the update in a little bit and we will update you as soon as it is released.

    The photograph filters will be much like those used in Instagram or Snapseed, so you will be able to just take a picture and apply the filter to alter its colors before Tweeting the photograph. The application will reportedly support eight different kinds of photograph filters.

    Apart from the photograph filters, the screenshot demonstration above also appears to include cropping options and an auto-enhance feature that you can use to make the colors in your photographs more vibrant. The application also includes 'bird's-eye view' feature, which allows you to see what the photograph will look like under the conditions of every filter at once on one screen.

    For a mobile-friendly version of the video that works with our app, tap on the link below:

    YouTube Video

    Sources: Twitter Blog
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    People keep writing about this, but what do photo filters do?
    2012-12-11 05:22 AM
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    People keep writing about this, but what do photo filters do?
    Did you view the video? It has a demonstration about what the filters do. They are for altering the original colors of the image.
    2012-12-11 05:40 AM