1. Anonymous's Avatar
    Apple is doing what it has always done. Building quality products for an insane price premium.
    So you also have to say that Samsung is doing this "insane price premium". The S3 and i5 are same in price.
    2012-12-14 03:31 AM
  2. aidanharris's Avatar
    What do you do with an iPhone that my Galaxy Nexus can't do?
    Is that not what most of us have been trying to get across the whole time? It's not what you do with your phone, it is how you do it. They (Android and iOS) both do the job it is just a case of which one you prefer. Getting back on topic though the fact that Android is winning the war isn't exactly surprising due to all the phones that run a stripped down Android OS. Also irrespective of how much people are on iOS 6 and want to downgrade how many people can even get to Googles latest OS? I think you will find as someone stated earlier hat most people just want a "tool". They don't care if it can watch films or play 3D games with console graphics (e.g Modern Combat 4). People just want something to call, text and perhaps take pictures with a cheap 2mp camera. These people guaranteed will all be running Android (not the latest obviously) and that is why Google is supposedly winning the war.

    2012-12-14 09:13 AM
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