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    Apple is surging in domestic smartphone sales according to new research from Kantar Worldpanel.

    Following the iPhone 5 launch in September, Apple had claimed a majority of new smartphone sales in the U.S. (48% for Apple - 46% for Android) for the first time on record. Now, with even more time and distance from the iPhone 5 release, it's clear that momentum remains with Apple.

    The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Apple has achieved its highest ever share in the US (53.3%) in the latest 12 weeks, with the iPhone 5 helping to boost sales.
    “Apple has reached a major milestone in the US by passing the 50% share mark for the first time, with further gains expected to be made during December,” says Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar.

    It should be pointed out, however, that Android still clearly controls the European market. As of the latest sales data available, Android retains the highest share with 61% of the Euro market. That percentage has actually climbed from 51.8% last year.

    Conversely, Samsung is the number one smartphone manufacturer in Europe (44.3%) while Apple comes in a distant second (25.3%).

    Source: Kantar Worldpanel
    2012-12-21 08:43 PM
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    nice apple bottom
    2012-12-21 09:20 PM
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    nice apple bottom
    lol +1
    2012-12-21 11:50 PM
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    nice apple bottom
    LMAO I was thinking the same thing. She's got a great shape there.
    2012-12-22 12:55 AM
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    I have seen so many people say +1 but they don't realize you are actually supposed to give them +1...

    Anyway congrats apple
    2012-12-22 02:49 AM
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    It's nice to see, however I believe in Quality not quantity, so it's never bothered me that Apple doesn't have the highest market share. I believe in a quality product, no worries of malware, a company that stands behind their products, and cares about their customers. Thank you Apple!
    2012-12-22 03:27 AM
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    I would agree, its all about quality and what works for you.
    2012-12-23 11:04 AM
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    I knew what kind of comments I would find before I even looked
    2012-12-23 03:52 PM