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    Tuesday's Christmas holiday was a big day for mobile device ownership. From iOS to Android devices, Santa put his reindeer to work hauling an exponentially larger than normal load of smartphones and tablets on his sleigh this year.

    On Thursday, we started to see the first real data showing just how prevalent mobile devices were beneath the tree this week. According to an eye-opening new report from Flurry, Christmas Day 2012 obliterated the previous record of mobile device activations set on Christmas Day 2011.

    All told, 17.4 million devices (tablets and smartphones) were activated on December 25. That's a 332% increase over daily activations logged between December 1st – 20th. It was also a dramatic 156% increase over the activations logged on Christmas Day 2011.

    "More iOS and Android devices are activated on Christmas Day than on any other day of the year," Flurry says. "This year was no exception. On this Christmas Day 2012, more iPhones, iPads, Galaxy's, Kindle Fires, and more, were activated than on any other day in history."

    Unfortunately, the real meat and potatoes of data remains unreported. That is, we don't know yet how many Android devices were activated relative to iOS devices. So until we can tell who "won" on Christmas Day, we'll have to live with the combined totals - a figure that remains impressive and worth reporting nonetheless.

    Source: Flurry
    2012-12-27 08:14 PM
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    Think in the usa its more ios devices acitvated , in europe its android as apple has a smaller % against androids 61% of the market , apple stood at 24% in december in europe while in the usa its above the 50% mark
    2012-12-30 01:00 AM