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    Two day ago, we showed you a great concept by Sentry_NC that allowed you to enable or disable Do Not Disturb very easily right from your Notification Center by simply pulling down and releasing just like you would to pull to refresh in your Twitter feed or e-mails.

    For those of you that use Do Not Disturb a lot, Sentry_NC has created yet another concept that improves on the previous Do Not Disturb concept, this time one that makes notifications much less obtrusive when Do Not Disturb is enabled. They would occur regularly when Do Not Disturb is disabled. Above is a video showing how the notifications will appear when Do Not Disturb is enabled.

    As you can see, the notification never leaves the Status Bar, and it stays black. The Do Not Disturb icon is pushed over to the left of the Status Bar to make room for the message, and the content of the Status Bar, such as the time, signal strength, and battery percentage are pushed down and out of the Status Bar so you can see a preview of the message.

    After the time for the message to be seen is up, the message will disappear, just like a notification banner would, and the content of the Status Bar will realign itself to where it needs to be so that your Status Bar looks normal again.

    Sentry_NC explains the reasoning behind the concept:

    When a user enables Do Not Disturb, their natural assumption is that they will no longer be disturbed. However, banner alerts still pop up with their normal intrusive fashion, vibrations and all. Considering the crescent is visible in the status bar whether the phone is locked or not, how is the user to naturally know that DND applies to the lock screen only? And more importantly, what is the user to do if they don't want to be disturbed while the device is actually in use, and not just locked?
    The way this works, your notifications will be made as non-obtrusive as possible. The idea isn’t to completely silence your notifications while the device is in use, but rather to just dim them down a bit so they're not taking up valuable screen space. While your device is not in use, your notifications will continue to stack on the lock screen in the background, however you will not be notified of them by any noises, vibrations, or lighting up of the display.

    The concept is well done in terms of animations and execution. We think it looks excellent. Would you like to have this as a function on your iOS device?

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the link below:

    Sources: Dribbble via Sentry_NC
    2013-01-16 08:24 PM