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    Minecraft is a popular creativity game where players can explore and build just about anything in mind. It is available on gaming consoles and personal computers, but just debuted on iOS for the mobile experience in November of 2011, dubbed Minecraft Pocket Edition.

    Since its release, Minecraft Pocket Edition sure has been a popular hit in the App Store. The paid version of the game has held a steady place in the top paid applications in the App Store, retailing for $6.99, and also has a popular Lite version that can be downloaded for free with fewer features.

    According to Minecraft creator Mojang, Minecraft Pocket Edition has out-sold the entire market for Minecraft in 2012. Christmas day of 2012 was the most popular date of download for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which for the price isn’t too surprising, since many people probably received iTunes gift cards in their stockings:

    Mojang points out that 70,808 people bought Minecraft for the PC or Mac, 100,416 people bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360, and 283,939 people bought Minecraft Pocket Edition on Christmas day alone. More stats show that Minecraft for the PC or Mac holds 28% of the market share, Minecraft for the Xbox 360 holds 33% of the market share, and Minecraft Pocket Edition holds 39% of the market share:

    I’ve played some Minecraft Pocket Edition myself and I must say that the mobile version of the application is put together very well and it’s very easy to play on the mobile device, so the popularity certainly isn't overrated. Some of my friends were wary about playing a game like Minecraft on the mobile device, however after showing them how well it ran, many of them quickly changed their minds and gave it try.

    Minecraft Pocket Edition continues to hold a bold 4.5/5 star rating in the App Store and holds third place under the top paid applications in the App Store. If you're interested in grabbing it, you can do so from this link for $6.99, or you can get the Lite version for free from this link.

    Are you one of the many Minecraft Pocket Edition players?

    Sources: Mojang via TUAW
    2013-01-17 05:56 AM
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    It must be another one of those slow news days...
    2013-01-17 07:20 AM
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    Put together well? Ummm yeah first off its pretty horrible. Buggy and glitchy. I play it on my ipad 3 and it's so buggy and glitchy that its really hard to play. Second. It's still a good game. Just it's really buggy and the developer better get in gear if he wants to stay on top for a little longer.
    2013-01-17 04:07 PM
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    I play Minecraft pocket edition and junk jack. Junk jack is just like Terria!
    2013-01-17 04:52 PM
  5. jerzeeshadow's Avatar
    When you guys get bored with MC:PE, you should check out Junk Jack! It's a fantastic 2D minecraft-esque game! It's GORGEOUS, absolutely GORGEOUS I tell you!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
    2013-01-18 01:04 AM