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    AT&T and Verizon both offer a type of Total Equipment Protection (TEP) service for their iPhones, which means any damage, loss, or theft of the device can be handled by the carrier directly – for a fee, of course. Sprint, on the other hand, has yet to offer any kind of Total Equipment Protection service for the iPhone. According to a report from Engadget, Sprint may be on the verge of changing their mind and finally offering a Total Equipment Protection service for iPhone users on Sprint's network.

    Above is an internal screenshot from Sprint, which outlines Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection in detail. The most important detail that we see is that the service will be made available on January 25, 2013. According to the screenshot, all of the rules, restrictions, claim limits, and program details that current Sprint TEP users have been bound to will be applied for the iPhone as well, however iPhone owners cannot use Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection application, as it is not yet available for iOS.

    For devices that cost $549-$599 MSRP, Sprint will charge a $150 deductible per approved claim, where devices that cost $600 MSRP or more will lead to Sprint charging a $200 deductible per approved claim. In addition, subscribers to the Total Equipment Protection service will need to pay a monthly fee of $11 with their cell phone bill.

    The only people eligible for the Total Equipment Protection with Sprint are those within 30 days of activation, however when the Total Equipment Protection service is officially announced, Sprint will not allow grandfathering previous purchases outside of the 30-day window. Simply put, Sprint will only be offering this service to newer customers and not older ones.

    Newer Sprint subscribers will probably be excited to have this option, since accidents always happen and having the ability to walk into your nearest Sprint store and get a replacement iPhone is always a good feeling.

    Sources: Engadget via MacRumors
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    2013-01-17 07:06 PM
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    So $464 for an iPhone 5 replacement. I'm sticking with AppleCare+
    2013-01-17 08:22 PM
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    So $464 for an iPhone 5 replacement. I'm sticking with AppleCare+
    You'll regret that once you break your apple product and its your fault you had your phone face down when it fell or something lame like such. Total care covers everything including theft surprisingly which I thought was impossible to cover considering someone could have "had it stolen" and sold it and kept an iPhone for a cheap price
    2013-01-18 05:44 AM
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    AppleCare+ does cover all that... Except theft

    $99 for the AppleCare then $50 for a claim, no questions asked. And yes it does come in handy for getting a nice pristine phone before selling it!
    2013-01-18 01:34 PM