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    The mobile ecosystem analyst firm, Vision Mobile, recently released its fourth Developer Economics report. According to the 2013 report which is sponsored by AT&T, Mozilla, and Nokia, the firm looked at developer opinions, charting out which platforms have the highest mindshare among developers as well as which platforms make their developers the most money. Not surprisingly, iOS leads the platform mindshare among developers with a whopping 48% of them reporting it as their lead platform. Android and BlackBerry are next, with many developers supposedly reporting them as a main development target. As of right now, Windows Phone and HTML are seen by those surveyed as platforms for extended app distribution, and not as a primary target for development as of right now.

    As far as the mindshare goes, Android continues to lead with 72% of the surveyed developers making apps for Google’s alternative smartphone and tablet operating system. This is an increase of 4% over last year’s report, with a concurrent 5% point drop in mindshare among developers for the iOS platform. One of the other key findings in the report is that developers who didn’t create apps for Android or iOS generate an average of half of the revenue of those that do.

    Advertising seems to be the most popular way to generate the revenue, as 38% of developers in the group of developers surveyed use advertising as their primary business model. Tablets are starting to have a similar mindshare among surveyed developers as smartphones, with an 85% majority of developers reporting that they develop on tablets. The iPad was seen as the best monetization and developer platform by 76% of the developers. Only a few of the developers saw a smart TV as a device to developer for, with 6% developing in the market.

    The table shows that the installed user base among surveyed developers is the same, across both iOS and Android, but the same development cost and learning curve in using iOS is lower. The Development environment, documentation, app discovery, and revenue potential is reported by the developers that use both platforms is better on Apple’s iOS. While this may change in the coming months, for now, iOS remains the top development platform, at least for those who participated in this study.

    Source: Vision Mobile

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    2013-01-24 08:25 AM
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    Poor WinMo, blackberry getting more attention...
    2013-01-24 08:30 AM
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    It's not rocket science... Devs are gonna flock to where its more profitable.
    2013-01-24 05:53 PM