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    Google have updated two of the company's popular free iOS applications, Google Currents and YouTube Capture, which are available in the App Store for downloading right now.

    Google Currents is an application that can be used to get all of your news in one place. The update to Google Currents Adds a new Edition sidebar for getting to your editions within categories faster than you ever could before, a new Fast Scan feature for being able to perform a vertical swipe to scan an edition or using a horizontal swipe to advance to the next addition, a Breaking Stories feature that is ranked by Google News, and the ability to save stories for future reference.

    In addition, Google Currents has received a new design overhaul, which is much more intuitive and easier to use. The sidebar makes content a lot easier to get to because with the tap of a button, all of your subscriptions are available to you.

    YouTube Capture is a rather new application from Google, having launched only in December. The application makes it easy to record video content, touch it up, and upload it directly to YouTube. The update to YouTube Capture adds support for 1080p video recording and uploading, improvements to audio sync, more detailed upload feedback information, the ability to share your video with social networks after uploading, and several bug fixes and security improvements.

    If you're an existing user of either of these applications, you'll find the updates in the Updates tab in the App Store. Alternatively, you can download each of the applications from the App Store for free from the following links:

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    Now if they could only update the app that really needs it, that piece of s**t YouTube app.
    2013-01-25 09:12 PM
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    Now if they could only update the app that really needs it, that piece of s**t YouTube app.
    That and their 💩 Google Maps app which isn't even a universal app. What a joke Google sort it out...
    2013-01-26 04:29 PM