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    The perpetual jailbreakABILITY of a piece of hardware on any new iOS is a very different intrinsic value than a phone that can be easily firmware Jailbroken by any idiot. You have no analogy there of any kind. Nice try
    Jailbreakability is often a matter of a device's history, not just its identity.

    A jailbroken device is, by its nature jailbreakable.
    A non-jailbroken device, depending on its history (saved blobs, etc) may or may not be.
    Knowledge of its history (or lack thereof) is valuable. It may be a substantial part of its worth.
    Sellers' knowledge isn't always trustworthy or reliable, even if they are not directly trying to scam you.

    An iPhone 5 bought before 6.1.1 comes out has some chance of being jailbroken.
    An iPhone 5 bought before 6.1.1, and updated to 6.1.1 or newer has little chance of being jailbroken.
    That lowers its value. Savvy?

    An iPhone 5 bought before 6.1.1, with unknown firmware status has an unknown chance.
    An iPhone 5 bought before 6.1.1, and jailbroken at 6.0-6.1 has a GREAT chance of being jailbroken.
    Being jailbreakable increases its value. Knowing for sure its jailbreakable increases its value.
    Being jailbroken demonstrates that its jailbreakable. Its not the only way, but its one way.

    I think you side-stepped what I was saying.

    I will cease talking about the situation in this thread. I'm open for PMs.
    I agree for sure though with the penultimate part of what you said.
    2013-01-30 12:49 AM
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    Apple changed the music controls for the lockscreens:0
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    2013-01-30 02:05 AM
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    Apple changed the music controls for the lockscreens:0
    Your right. They did. I like it. Better to be spaced apart then hitting "pause" and "next" button at the same time
    2013-01-30 03:04 AM
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    My phone plays music! This thing gets better and better!

    Who knew!

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    2013-01-30 06:43 AM
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    I for sure would add extra $ if I was selling a jb or jailbreakable device. I can get the same for my atv2 if not more than the cost of a new atv3. Simple because its jailbroken.

    I don't force the buyer to pay the extra amount. So for me it's completely ethical. I put a price on a product the buyer decides if its worth it. Not sure what's wrong with that.
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    2013-01-30 08:54 AM
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    Ya jailbreak phone are always higher in price than regular one that I always seen. And I made a few bucks at works jail breaking guys phones and iPads. I didn't want it but whatever
    2013-01-30 11:33 AM
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