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    iOS 6 comes with a Smart Banner system, which will show that there is an application in the App Store for any Web apps that you might visit in Mobile Safari (assuming that there is actually an app for it). Tapping on the Smart Banner will allow you to download or open the application pertaining to the Web app you were using and the app would continue where you left off on the Web.

    Back in the middle of December, it was found out that there was a glitch concerning iOS 6’s Smart Banners that would cause JavaScript to re-enable itself automatically if you had turned JavaScript off from the Settings of iOS. This posed as a serious security risk, as some people disable JavaScript to prevent potentially malicious scripts from executing in their Web browsers.

    According to a report from AppleInsider, the Smart Banners glitch has been fixed in today’s public release of iOS 6.1. Apple notes the fix on their "Security Content of iOS 6.1" Web page, which was launched just today following the public release of iOS 6.1.

    While the glitch may have been fixed for those that prefer to have JavaScript turned off for Mobile Safari, it would have fared better if Apple had simply offered the option to disable the iOS 6 Smart Banners altogether. Some prefer the Web app interfaces to the iOS applications because the Web apps are not subject to the tyranny of the App Store’s tight rules, and for these people, the banners are just an annoyance.

    Sources: Apple via AppleInsider
    2013-01-29 03:21 AM
  2. rickuk's Avatar
    Some of us are just too tight to even think about purchasing the app version of a web page
    2013-01-29 04:20 PM
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    It's easy to turn the banners off.
    Just use chrome
    2013-01-29 06:47 PM