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    While the App Store may sometimes make it difficult to find hidden gems in the tidal wave of popular applications that always swamps the top charts of the App Store, we noticed a new app that wasn’t there before called Turnacle. Skeptical, we decided to try it out, and we liked what we found.

    Turnacle is a fun puzzle game that’s free in the App Store today only via AppGratis. In the game, your job is to solve the colored puzzles as quickly as you can. The colored circles are placed in different sized grids, and you solve the puzzles, each colored circle must match the colors of the circles next to it – above, below, and form both sides. You rotate the circles individually 90 by tapping on them.

    When you first download the game, you can be taken through a how to play tutorial. Alternatively, you can hop right into playing if you want to. The game comes in two modes: Classic and Puzzle. The Classic mode will send you through a variety of challenges, and your goal is to finish all of them as quickly as possible. The Puzzle mode will send you through one tough puzzle, your goal once again being to finish as quickly as possible.

    In Classic mode, you can pick between beginner, easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels, while in puzzle mode, you can choose between a small or medium puzzle. Unfortunately, there’s no large option for the brave players out there. If you really want to challenge yourself, the game comes with Game Center support so you can unlock achievements and try to compete against your friends’ high scores.

    At the end of each level, the game will grade you on your speed, ability to improve on your previous scores, and some other statistics that may interest you:

    If you’d like to grab Turnacle while it’s free in the App Store today, you can grab if from this link.
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    2013-01-29 10:30 PM
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    FREE = Good
    2013-01-29 10:55 PM
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    FREE = Good
    This is parctically izzi in app form lol a great game.

    So if you like it pick up the game izzi or izzi 2 you'll love it!
    2013-01-29 11:21 PM
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    Got it
    2013-01-30 05:18 AM
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    where can i find a site or app that alerts me when paid for apps become available for free, like as a one day deal, like above??
    2013-01-30 04:11 PM
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    @r_rebuffalo, download a program called Appgratis from the AppStore. It will alert you daily with a notification for a program that goes free that day only.
    2013-01-30 04:59 PM
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    where can i find a site or app that alerts me when paid for apps become available for free, like as a one day deal, like above??
    I have had great success with downloading AppsGonefree from the App Store. They list the top rated apps that are free for the day.. I tried a bunch of other apps but I found this app to work best for me. Good Luck!

    P.S. here is a direct link
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    Thanks guys!
    2013-02-01 02:23 AM