1. cmwade77's Avatar
    I love having my phone Jailbroken again. I just wish TruPrint would have been updated for 6.0+, it really is a great piece of software. I loved being able to make PDFs from my phone.
    2013-02-06 01:34 AM
  2. ttthomas's Avatar
    Really outstanding, what the statistics don't show is the behind the scene work (countless hours) involved of all those which took a part of this release.

    In a way, since the very early days of the iPhone this "outlaw" jailbreaking community has been the single most important driving factor to the iPhones success year after year. Many people didn't or don't jailbreak their phones... housewife Mary for example but the reason she bought an iPhone was because of the vibe created by those who did.

    This may only be my view but this recent release is an outstanding achievement in it's professionalism and technical growth of Cydia.
    2013-02-06 01:50 AM
  3. ugshotgun's Avatar
    I only use BITESMS, APPLOCKER and SBSETTINGS. All three are working flawlessly! Thanks DEV Team!! Donation coming!!!!

    i only use bitesms, applocker and sbsettings. All three are working flawlessly! Thanks dev team!! Donation coming!!!!

    Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus: The best of both worlds!
    2013-02-06 02:24 AM
  4. javiert30's Avatar
    That's why these people behind the jailbreak scene deserves to be donated... DONE from my part. Thanks guys for your hard work, including for how to know when to close your eyes and ears when you need too, to ignore some people comments and keep working. I know just that, is not easy.
    2013-02-06 03:07 AM
  5. Taz921's Avatar
    I just want to thank all involved in this release. I'm making my donation and I would love to see everyone else give them something for their hard work.
    2013-02-06 03:16 AM
  6. iPodTouch149's Avatar
    Does anybody know how to fix the usage stats glitch thing...it no longer shows me how long I used my iPod since my last charge it just has ----
    2013-02-06 03:55 AM
  7. koreanmasters99's Avatar
    million thnx to the team.
    God bless!
    2013-02-06 04:53 AM
  8. ricky641b's Avatar
    But Seriously evaders and their whole team have done awesum job. It was the Easiest Jailbreak ever. Just 1 click on jailbreak and whoa !!!! And was surprised to know that their are millions of people jailbreaking their phones .I dont know why people are making so much fuss about weather app . Is it not enough that these evaders people work so hard to crack idevices. And providing all these tools just for free....
    2013-02-06 05:03 AM
  9. mlee19841's Avatar
    2013-02-06 07:29 AM
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