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    Twitter users can grab a free update for the stock Twitter application for iOS in the App Store today. The new version, 5.3, comes with many new features, and improvements to the user interface. The overall speed and stability of the application has also been improved.

    One of the major areas of interest in this update is the Discover feature, which now delivers many suggested people to follow, as well as trends and Tweets that may interest you. The feature comes with pull to refresh and the ability to keep scrolling to see even more content.

    Search has also been improved in the Twitter application. It used to be that you had to move to your Interactions tab to access the search bar. In an attempt to add more convenience to the application, Twitter has placed a new Search button at the top of the application that can be used to search Twitter for people, trends, and other stuff. The button is right next to the compose Tweet button:

    Search algorithms have been improved so that your searches now provide more relevant results. Also, your last 5 searches will be remembered, so if you enter them again, you can just tap on the item from the history list to re-search that item.

    The Tweet composition interface has been redesigned with a silver appearance, rather than the light Twitter blue appearance, and performance has been made noticeably better on older iOS devices, as links now open immediately as Web sites when you tap on them. When you move to your interactions tab, you will be notified that the only way to filter your interactions between mentions and interactions is to now to into your Twitter settings and change the setting.

    Overall, the application seems more aesthetically pleasing with the update, and the new features are always a nice and welcome addition. You can grab the update for free from the App Store, or download it from this link.

    Sources: App Store
    2013-02-06 11:00 PM
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    Now I can't use twitter
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    ┏┫┣┫┏┓┃┃┃┃┃┃╋┃┃┃┃┏┓┃┗┫┃┃┗┫┗━┛┃┗━┛┃┗━┛┃┏━┓┣┫┣┳ ┛┗┛┃
    ┗━━┻┛┗┻┻┻┛┗┛╋┗┛┗┻┛┗┻━┻┛┗━┻━━━┻━━━┻━━━┻┛╋┗┻━━┻ ━━━┛
    2013-02-07 02:38 AM
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    2013-02-07 04:48 AM